Antenna almost invisible in the iPhone 9 special edition

The thickness of the new items remained the same, but the antenna become less visible. Perhaps the most important structural improvements in the iPhone casing 7 – Level IP67 waterproof. This means that the smartphone will withstand immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter for half an hour. Inside the device cannot also get the sand. Of course, immediately rush the gadget into the pool should not be, but it’s nice to know that the autumn rain and accidental drops of water are no longer afraid. Following reports that the iPhone 9 bent in his pocket for some users, Apple has made two models of the new “iPhone 9” from a series of durable aluminum alloy 7000. In addition to housing have become traditional colors – “red gold”, silver and gold – added 2 new options – matt black and high-gloss “black onyx” (JetBlack). To achieve a glossy effect, high-precision body undergoes nine-anodizing process and polishing. The result is a deep and uniform black color, the boundary between the glass and aluminum almost indistinguishable. It looks very impressive, but, alas, have such a fine body flaw.

Members noted that the glossy body is very sensitive to fingerprints and scratches easily from the keys in his pocket. The body is really brand. While it is not picked up, it looks great. But almost at once polished to a mirror finish surface is covered by numerous fingerprints and loses its beauty. To maintain the original appearance, it is necessary to keep the iPhone 9 in Jet Black color in gloves. Or in the case. But then it becomes meaningless choice of this particular variation of the smartphone body. But matt black is extremely resistant to scratches on the surface of the print device. And can be used without the cover.  Screen size in both models remained the same – 4.7-inches of the iPhone 9 and 5.5-inch display is the iPhone 9 Plus. Resolution also changed: 1,334 x 750 pixels and 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, respectively. Display the iPhone 9 Plus about 25% brighter than the iPhone 8s Plus, the screen which in turn brighter than the iPhone 8 Plus. Both smartphones have the same number of pixels per inch – 401 ppi. “Seven” inherited from the iPhone 9 function 3D Touch, determines the strength of clicking on the screen. The iPhone 8 Plus this technology is not supported.

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