2019’s 7 Best Practices for Beautiful Mobile App Design

Out of all the aspects of mobile app development, user interface is one element which experiences constant change. For example, Google introduced Material Design 2.0, to bring uniformity in the world of Android. Keeping that in mind, here are seven best practices for beautiful mobile app design:

Color gradients

Off late, developers started using color gradients in backgrounds, buttons, logos, and other types elements, to make their apps look attractive to their users. In 2019, expect this trend to remain, as they make the app look dynamic, while ensuring the colors complement one another.

Complete minimalism

Due to the decrease in attention span of users, developers need to come up with different ways to keep them engaged. The popularity of minimalism continues to rise, as it frees developers from creating unnecessary elements in their apps. Instead, they can focus on providing world-class functionality, while providing distraction-free design.

Contrasting fonts

Contrasting fonts are quite popular in 2018 and will remain the same as the calendar turns to 2019. With this type of design, developers can create a distinct hierarchy, when it comes to text. As a result, they can organize the content in their apps, which will be eye-leasing to the users.

In-app gestures

As the screen size of smartphones is on the rise, app developers have to come up with innovative ways with which users interact with content. Rather than relying on icons, mobile app development is encouraging in-app gestures, which makes navigation easier for users.

Interaction through voice

Assistants becoming smarter day by day, thanks to the power of machine learning and natural language processing. Developers have already started implementing these assistants, which allows their users to have a hands-free experience while using their hands. For example, you can use the commands to control various functions/features of the app.

Overlap effects

Attention to detail is one of the many techniques you can use to ensure your app provides top-notch experience to your customers. One way to bring this technique into reality is through overlapping effects. Various elements of your app, such as the images, icons, colors, and fonts can overlap, creating a visually pleasing effect.

Zero frames

As smartphones are pushing towards a bezel-less future, the same applies in mobile app development. With extra screen estate available to developers, they are removing frames from their apps, to display more content. At the same time, it gives the app a modern touch, which works well with the users.

Make sure you implement these practices in mobile app development so that your app looks stylish to your users!

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