Top 5 Tips To Help You With Purchasing A Second Hand Phone

When you choose to purchase a used mobile phone, it can help you in saving some money. However, there’s always the risk that you might get a defective model. But by following a few great tips, you would be able to get a fantastic deal.

Go through the top 5 tips listed below and get a great second hand mobile phone easily.

Find out the Right Price

The reason you are buying a used phone is to get a good price, therefore, it’s necessary that you research about the price a bit. To get the best deals, search online and see what price people are selling their phones. Check the price of what a new phone would cost with similar specifications. Read the description to see the condition of the smartphone and that if it is what you are looking for.

Examine Thoroughly

The second hand mobile phones definitely need thorough examination before you settle for one finally. Look at the phone from every angle to detect cracks, scratches, bruised edges and tempered body if any. If the phone has gone through several drops, you would be able to see cracks or scratches on its edges.

Next, check the screen of the device for any visible scratches. Switch on the device and look cracks that would appear as bright lines on the screen or in the form of bleeding pixels. Other than that, check the camera lens and the physical keyboard if the phone has one.

Battery and Liquid Damage

At times, you might not notice any kind of physical damage and the device might seem functional but it may have suffered serious damage. Internal damage because of liquids is one such issue and that can lead to corrosion of the internal elements which would eventually damage the phone.

To check for liquid damages, open the back flap and take out the battery that usually has white square stickers on its edges. Check that this sticker hasn’t turned pink or red. Inspect further and check the USB and charging ports. Any discolouration is an indication of water damage.

Functional Keyboard and Touchscreen

The second hand mobile phones might appear as brand new but it’s not necessary that it would function like one. Therefore it’s necessary that you swipe your fingers on the screen and tap on several icons to ensure that the screen is functional.

In case the phone has a physical keyboard, test each and every button to make sure that they work. Move across different apps and menus to see if the navigation is smooth either on the touchscreen or the keypad.

Negotiate the Deal

Based upon the research that you did in the beginning, negotiate the deal with the seller. In general, faint scratches on the side don’t affect the price much. But, scratches on the screen allow you to negotiate for a big price drop. If you are negotiating before inspecting the device, tell them that this price might change after you have seen the condition of the phone. Make everything clear to them.

Whatever you do, make sure that you have examined the phone from every angle. This would ensure that you get a model that’s in perfect condition.

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