Choosing Of Blackberry

Most teenagers cannot live without their mobile phone. Their phone goes everywhere with them, from bed to school, and if they are old enough, out on the town and around the local pubs and clubs. They use their mobiles for texting, making calls, interacting on social networking sites and listening to music. So in summary, a mobile phone of some description is essential for a teenager, if only so they can use it to call you up late at night when they have missed the last bus home. So is a Blackberry a good choice of phone for your teenager?

Choosing Of Blackberry

Popular Mobile Phones For Teenagers

A lot of teenagers are fixated on the idea of having an iPhone, but the sad reality is that although iPhones are cool, they are also pretty expensive, so unless you are made of money, you might not want to spend a load of money funding a contract iPhone for your child. Thankfully there are other choices of mobile phone for teenagers, including the Blackberry Pearl 8120.

Will My Teenager Want A Blackberry Mobile Phone?

Your teenager may have their own ideas about which mobile phone they think they need, but before you are talked into paying for a massively expensive contract phone (and unless they are 18, you are the one stuck paying the bill), look around and see what the options are. Blackberry mobile phones are less popular, but they do have a certain level of kudos amongst teenagers, so you might be surprised to discover they do actually request a Blackberry.

Second Hand Phones

Sometimes, if money is tight, buying a second hand phone may be the only way you can afford to give your teenager a mobile phone to use. This might not be their preferred option, but if the choice is that or nothing, they are bound to see the positive aspects to the deal. And besides, there are lots of great second hand mobile phones to be had if you look in the right places – a second hand Blackberry Pearl 8120 makes a great mobile phone for a teenager.

What Are The Advantages Of A Blackberry Mobile Phone?

Blackberry phones are just as good as other popular mobile phones – you can download apps to a Blackberry Pearl 8120 and use it to keep up to date with Facebook and Twitter. Blackberry users can also take advantage of the Blackberry Messaging Service, which is a special messenger application only for Blackberry users, although you can also use it to chat to friends and relatives on other messenger programs, as long as they have downloaded the app to their device.

Should I Insure My Teenager’s Blackberry?

Teenagers are not the best at looking after their belongings. Most of them wander around oblivious, utterly wrapped up in thoughts of the opposite sex and other entertaining pursuits. So if their Blackberry mobile phone is not already covered by an insurance policy, it would be wise to buy an insurance policy immediately, or you will probably end up funding a replacement within a short space of time.

Rachel LeMonnier could not afford to buy her teenage son a new iPhone, even though he begged and moaned for weeks. So she decided that it was more appropriate to buy him a second hand Blackberry Pearl 8120 instead. Her son is now very happy with his new mobile phone.


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