Why To Rely On Fone Wizard For Selling Old-Phones For Cash

If you are active on your Facebook account then you must have read details about Fone Wizard. The company has received the highest responses over Facebook for the past few days. The company basically deals with purchase of old-phones. Those phones are being recycled or refurbished for reuse purpose. Sell an old mobile phone with Fone Wizard in order to receive instant cash.

How to get cash by selling old-phones to Fone Wizard?

Are you thinking of buying a new phone? Well, in that case you have to get rid of the old one. Selling of the old one will enable you in receiving cash and this cash can be utilized for buying the latest Smartphone model of your choice. Selling old-phones is not a troublesome affair anywhere as Fone Wizard has now made it easier. Your old-phone can be instantly converted into liquid cash if you make approach to this company.

The company buys any popular Smartphone brand of the modern era. They are offering the best quotes for old-phones in the market and this is one of the most prominent reasons for their highest fame. If you are interested in getting the offered quotes then you just have to visit the official-link of the concern. The activation-lock needs to be removed first and then only the phone can be recycled well. They provide an amazing guide by means of which activation-lock of your phone can be removed with ease.

Until and unless the activation-lock is removed you will not receive the payment. Your Google-accounts also need to be removed and in this respect you can definitely follow special guidance from the concern. You just have to follow their instructions so that the settings can be altered accordingly. Only after removing both Google-accounts and activation-lock the phones need to be handed over so that you can realize the selling-cost instantly without any delay.

The company should receive the devices and then only your payment will get released to your account. You have to provide your account details so that the bank-transfer can be made smoothly and uninterruptedly.

Major requirements:

  • You should enter into a contract with Fone Wizard.
  • Your device-grade is to be ascertained first and then only you will receive payment accordingly.
  • VAT and related taxes are being included within the quoted price.
  • Device-status is being verified and checked strictly especially in case of Red-flag situation.
  • Phone ownership is verified and if everything goes right then payment will be issued.
  • The sender should be above 18 only.
  • You should go through return and postage policies before you sell an old mobile phone with Fone Wizard.
  • Liability limits also need to be known for conducting the process in a flawless manner.

If you want to raise any complaints, then you have to contact the concern directly. From the site only you will get the numbers. The company will send you the contract-details so that you can go through the same minutely. There are few regulations or laws for controlling out-of-control events. You have to gather knowledge about them as well before you sell an old mobile phone with Fone wizard.

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