The Samsung F480 Tocco

The Samsung F480 Tocco Pink edition is more than just a colour change – though this does look gorgeous – as the new version comes with its own set of new features. That aside, this slim stunner stands out in the current phone market, offering its own unique style and beauty to the fairer sex. It surpasses all expectations, not just in appearance but in its sturdy construction and superior craftsmanship.

The Samsung F480 Tocco

This edition is brought to you with a breathtakingly attractive colour touchscreen and rounded, smooth edging and delicately curved layout. They keys are a lustrous silver hue set in a frame of sexy, blush colour. The effect is rather striking, the exact opposite of what many other gaudy, pink phones display. Any modern woman can feel elegant with this petite wedge of eye-catching splendour in hand, and appreciate its functionality and practicality.

The Display

The phone is lighter than the other colours, weighing around 91g with dimensions of 11.8(d) x 55(w) x 95.9(h) mm. It comes complete with a lovely TFT display of 262k colour, along with an imposing 240 x 320 pixel resolution. The end result is an upmarket mobile device with superb power imaging and fantastic picture standards.


Being able to send text messages comfortably is very important to some, and the Tocco Pink is extremely well-packaged in this regard. MMSs with audio, images and short video clips can be sent, as well as SMSs with e-mails and attachments. E-mail services are fully functional with access to your personal account. Typing is also transformed into a simple affair with predictive text and additional IM (instant messaging) features.

Additional Extras

This model supports the GPRS Class 12, along with Bluetooth with an A2DP for a quicker information transfer. This, along with the USB support connection assists you in moving data and files, including images, clips and music. The Tri Band compatibility also allows you to take advantage of worldwide network coverage.

Other features of the device gives you the ability to store, share and even post your collection of images or video clips to your blog. These images can also be stored inside the picture phonebook. The Pink Tocco contains a camera stabiliser to enhancer your shutterbug experience with a guaranteed steady picture. After this image has been snapped, you are afforded the ability to edit it as you will, along with any videos you film.

This high end phone also comes with a built in multimedia player, for that extra entertaining touch. It supports MP3s, AAC and AAC+ formats and the Bluetooth grants you the ability to wirelessly tune in to your favourite tracks. You can enjoy the extra addition of the FM radio with RDS, for those who have a liking for particular broadcast stations.

The Pink Tocco has risen in the market unbelievably fast, and is a particular favourite amongst women. It joins practical functionality with amazing good looks, and convenient transport. Easy to slip into a nearby purse, or right into your jeans pocket.

Laura Ginn is a prolific writer and blogger, with a special interest in modern technology. She is a mobile phone enthusiast who always has an eye out for the newest cellular triumph out on the market. The Samsung Tocco F480 Pink is no exception, a definite champion amongst its rivals.


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