How do I resolve Wi-Fi connection issues in MAC

In the current era, one of the easiest ways to communicate on the internet by a computer is via a Wi-Fi connection. It is a complete wireless system where the user just needs to switch on the Wi-Fi on his system and catch the signals sent by the router.  However, irrespective of thetype of system, there are some technical glitches occur when the system drops the connection automatically, and it is really an irritating and unwanted situation for the user. He just needs to stop his work, see if the connection is active or lost and in case the connection is lost, he needs to reconnect it.

For those puzzled by the question on “how do I resolve wi-fi connection issues in MAC,” here are some points that can help them:

  • Have router at a close location: One of the reasons for not getting the connection is the distance of the user from the router. In this case, what one can do is just change the router position and set it in a close area from where the frequency can be easily availed. One can also change own location and sit in an area where he can get the frequency easily. One also needs to see that he is not sitting close to any instrument that can interrupt the signals from the router. Check the router if it has a system of boosting the signal power. If the MAC cannot receive the signals properly, this option can be much helpful.
  • The disturbance caused due to Noise: It is a known fact that the Wi-Fi works on a radio transmission only. The router as well as MAC both are set on the same frequency and communicate at a parallel medium. In thecase of any noise which can disrupt the frequency, the communication channel of MAC drops the connection. Hence one needs to know if he is in a noisy area and can it be avoided? But the question here comes how one can check the level of noise and see if it disrupts the Wi-Fi? In MAC one can check the same with the help of Performance tab where there are two graphs displayed. One of them shows the level of noise from which one can easily understand the level. In case the noise level is high it can be the reason of connection drop, and hence one needs to change from such a location.
  • Other issues: There can be other issues also such as outdated firmware, firewall not supporting and outdated antivirus, system update requirement and theproblem with Wi-Fi drivers. In any of these cases, the user can take help of the troubleshooting and act as per the provided guideline which can help him to resolve the issues.

However, still the problem persists and the connection drops frequently it can be because of a hardware issue for which an expert only can be of great help. Hence, one just needs to seek help from an expert in such a situation.





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