Advantages SIP for businesses

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking supports the phone solutions in sending and receiving the calls through the IP broadband network. SIP is an application layer protocol that enables voice, video, and message through the internet connection for businesses. It is how the telephone systems communicate to the phone network, connecting the business directly to the Public Telephone Network through the broadband. It works by replacing the ISDN and is used as the means to deliver VoIP telephony onto the telephone system and is an extremely reliable method of communication and cost-efficient. 

The need for incorporating SIP trunks into your business communications strategy

Significant Cost Savings

SIP trucks help in saving the cost, as the rental charges for IP connections are much cheaper than the traditional ISDN lines. It helps to save money and allows the make calls to a landline, mobile and international numbers. SIP eliminates the overlapping networks and the costs that are associated with it. A single IP based network provides several digital streaming.

Better Communications

SIP trunks help in the integrated approach of communication plans, where more devices can be incorporated for unified communication. SIP trunks ideal to be used in the cloud for unified communication strategies.

Flexibility and Scalability

Depending on the requirements and circumstances, SIP trunks can be easily scaled and are a flexible choice as the business grows. When moving to the new offices, the existing telephone number structure can still be used at the new location, be it anywhere across the world. 

Ideal for Retail

SIP trunks can accommodate the huge business surge in customer calls at any particular month of the year. The quantity of SIP trunk channels can be simply increased or decreased to enable the call flow, helping the business to cope up when needed.


When the broadband connection is prioritized to the SIP trunk, it helps with maximum call quality, through the Voice over IP (VoIP) Prioritisation.

Safe and Secure

SIP trunks are safe and secure to use for business purposes. Ensure that your IT support is aware of the proper implementation of the SIP trunking and have adequate network security is in place. 

Fraud Prevention

SIP trunking can be constantly monitored to trace the call activity. By setting up a maximum default rate, the business owners can control the number of outbound calls made. The suspicious phone calls can be barred or blocked. By blocking the suspicious number helps you in not receiving calls from you or anyone in your network.

SIP trunk fraud happens by hacking into your account, which can be prevented by using a password that has a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that will not be easily recognized by the hackers.

Disaster Recovery

Calls can also be diverted or delivered to another site or system in case of an unexpected happening. This assures less impact on the business operations and can be used for a business disaster recovery plan.

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