Online Quizzes are More Than Fun and Games

You must be having at least one game installed in your smartphone that is a quiz game and you find it interesting too. This is the best thing about a quiz that it also sums up your knowledge than just having fun like in any other app on which you play online games. A lot of options for playing the Online Quiz are available for the smartphone users. You will find it more challenging and fun when it is in the form of live quiz games.

Quizistan offers you to play live quiz games online on your smartphones. You can also win great cash prizes on winning the different quiz games on the app. The app is available for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for both Android and IOS users. Playing quiz games like General Knowledge Quiz helps you in getting updated about the current affairs and latest information of the surrounding world.

The fun and easy to use interface of the app gives a good gaming platform to the users to play quizzes and gain knowledge about various interesting topics. All the topics are also available to be played in the Hindi Language. This makes it more comfortable for all types of the audience. From students to teachers and kids to old age people, everyone can play quiz games on Quizistan. Topics like general knowledge, history, who am I, science, etc. help users in gaining more and more information. Not just gaining information, you can also win prize money on winning these quizzes.

You have to get registered through a very easy process to play the live quiz.. This registration amount is very minimal in front of the prize money of each of the quiz games. You will be asked 8 questions in each of the available quizzes and each question is to be answered in 10 seconds.

You can refer the app to your loved ones and family members of any age. With every referral, you will earn a 50-50 lifeline that can be used in the game later. If you opt for 50-50 lifeline in any question, two wrong options out of the four options will be removed for that particular question. This will increase your chances of getting closer to the prize money while playing the online quizzes. The best part is that here you will not be rejected from the game on giving a wrong answer. You can play the game until the end up to the last question.

You can play the live quiz from anywhere as per your comfort. After registering for the quiz, you can play free practice games to brush up your knowledge and get prepare for the live quiz game. We have brought this interesting live quiz game where you can have fun along with gaining knowledge and winning the real money. Happy gaming and better winning!

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