How to Unblock YouTube?

YouTube, the popular video streaming service in the world, provides you with content likelive videos, music, and movies are promoted on the website almost every day. However, not every country in the world has access to this website; this can be due to many reasons, spanning from organizational restrictions to government rules.

The frustration that a user faces when they know a video is not available in their country or organization is relatable. So, the question remains, “Can you Unblock YouTube?”

Yes, you can. In this article, we have listed the ways you can unblock it.

Use a VPN

This is the most popular way you can unblock YouTube. All you have to do is subscribe to a legit VPN plan. VPN is used because they guard your privacy online and make your browsing activities safe as well. Moreover, people use this method because they can gain access to blocked content online.

If you live in a country or state where the government limits your online activities then a VPN will help cross that barrier, it will not only give you access to the website and content of your choice but also protect you from any surveillance that the government may have on you. The VPN alludes the government by hiding your IP address and diverts your online location. They make it seem like you are accessing the website from somewhere else in the world.

Using a Proxy

VPN and Proxies are similar, but when you use a proxy, you can go through firewalls that are set up at schools and organization. The proxy will change your online location and hides your IP address, just like the typical VPN; but a VPN encrypts your data, a proxy does not do that, thereby leaving your online connection susceptible to hackers and malware.

People opt for proxies because they provide a connection in three methods. You can go through a proxy site, download an extension or manually construct the proxy you want to connect.

Download Videos Directly

This method requires patience and can be tedious for some, but it’s useful and gets the job done. You have to download the video of your choice from any site or app that is available online, and there are plenty to choose from. By downloading the video, you avoid the trouble of unblocking YouTube and gaining access to the material. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the video’s link into the downloader’s app/site, the download will start, and you can freely view the content later, offline.

Why unblock YouTube?

There are many reasons why you can’t access your favorite videos through YouTube. Let’s have a look at some of them:

Employee productivity

This one is quite common in the corporate industry. The reason why YouTube is blocked is that it can be a distraction from your usual tasks at hand. If you spend most of your day browsing through YouTube, you won’t get to finish the assigned work on time; hence, you are hindering productivity, and no company management wants that.

Government restrictions

The government restricts videos so that they don’t cause any friction in the society and any political unrest does not happen as well. Hence the content is checked, to avoid any wrong message or propaganda from spreading.

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