Apple iPhone 7: What’s new?

After a long wait, Apple has finally unveiled the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus at a press conference hosted on Wednesday, September 7. The technology giant has made some nifty changes in the design and performance of the latest iPhones, but all put together they still feel pretty much the same.

Apple has introduced a funky home button, a mirror-like “Jet Black” finish, and waterproofing capabilities with their latest flagships. They really give us goose bumps, especially the new Jet Black variant which turns the iPhone into a sleek black obelisk and looks extremely premium. The idea of ditching the headphone jack is pretty weird, but Apple has a knack for weird which is definitely not surprising at all.

The iPhones are still as expensive as their predecessors, but they hold a slew of upgrades, some of which iPhone lovers have wanted for a while. So if you’ve been planning to grab an iPhone with improved features, this might be the time to make your move.

Here’s what you’ll get with the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus:

Look and Feel

The new iPhones boast the same height, width, and thickness, but are lighter than the last time. Apple has kept things simple and has finally removed those antenna lines with more focus on the aesthetics and build quality. The company touts that iPhone 7 models ship with IP67 certification, which means you can submerge them up to 1-meter water for 30 minutes. The phones also include a solid-state home-button which you don’t have to push inside. It features a taptic engine which works like the keyboard on the Retina MacBook and responds on your touch. It even allows the iPhones to vibrate at different intensities while using different functions such as when you’re receiving a text message, interacting with widgets or something else.

Surprisingly, Apple has replaced the audio jack of iPhone 7 with stereo speakers at the top and bottom. The move was unexpected, but the company has also introduced new colour variants to make up for it- Jet and Matte Black. Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are offered in 5 colours, 3 colours being the gold, silver and rose gold, and two new Black colour finish. So, this time, the iPhones have got all of it- Water and dustproofing with a clean back panel, a slightly protruding rear camera, a force sensitive home button, and a black coloured avatar.

Improved Camera Performance

Though Apple sticks with 12-megapixels high-speed sensor, the entire camera setup has been redesigned for photo and movie-buffs. The superb rear camera on the iPhone 7 comes with a six-element, f/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilization. It slightly protrudes over the surface and delivers punchy images even in low-light conditions. Its elder sibling, iPhone 7 Plus also bears the same wide angled sensor, but here you’ll also find a second 12-megapixel, 56mm telephoto lens that works for enhanced zooming as we’ve seen on LG V20 and Huawei P9. It applies a depth map to an image and blurs its background for enhanced detailing.

Apple has also bumped the front-facing camera. iPhone 7 and 7 Plus pack 7-megapixels for selfie fanatics and also includes auto-image stabilization for better quality.

Brighter Display Output

Apple has given the same 4.7-inch display on the iPhone 7 and 5.5-inch panel on the iPhone 7 Plus. Both displays come with a noticeable bezel and same resolution (1,334 x 750 pixels on the iPhone 7, 1,920 x 1,080 pixels on the iPhone 7 Plus), but are 25% brighter thanks to the Retina HD technology that features a wider colour gamut for a detailed and vivid visual experience. It’s not a major upgrade but certainly a good one for those who always keep playing with their smartphones.

Gaming and Multitasking

Moving with the tradition, Apple has also introduced a new fusion chip with its latest iPhones. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will run on the 64-bit A10 fusion processor, which promises 40% faster performance than the recent A9 chipset and is said to be 120 times faster than the original iPhone. The quad-core chipset features two high-performance for smooth multi-tasking and two high-efficiency cores for saving energy while handling heavy tasks and gaming requirements.  According to Apple’s senior vice president for marketing, it is the “most powerful processor” ever added into a smartphone and is capable of “console level gaming” with absolute perfection.

Even the new graphics processor introduced by Apple is 50% faster than the previous one. It consumes less power than the A9 and promises deeper visuals, especially when you’re playing high-end games with extreme graphics. Long story short, Apple’s latest processor works incredibly well, especially when paired with 2 gigabytes of memory on the iPhone 7 and 3 gigabytes of memory on the iPhone 7 Plus.


For all those who looked up to the 16GB variant for an entry level iPhone, Apple has the 16GB base storage for the latest iPhones. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will now have 32GB inbuilt storage in the base model, while users with more needs can go for beefed up models with 128 and 256 gigabytes of inbuilt storage.

Enhanced Battery Life

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus both promise enhanced battery life for seamless work and play. Though the company never reveals the actual battery capacity, we can still make out it better and bigger than the last time. With around 12 hours of LTE browsing, iPhone 7 outperformed iPhone 6s by lasting for two hours more, while iPhone 7 Plus bested the iPhone 6s Plus by adding an hours’ battery life.

Moving to the bottom-line, this is what you can expect from the all new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The two beauties launched by Apple pack a bunch of improvements with some weird tweaks. Yes, they’re expensive, but if you’re a big fan of the iPhones, it is worthy giving away $649 for the phone you’ve always wanted to play with. On the other side, if you want to play smart, you can always grab a Galaxy S7 or a OnePlus 3 with much better specs at a lower price tag.

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