Effectiveness of Online Metro Recharge

With advancements in technology, transport facilities in India have reaped maximum benefits of everyday life made faster and effective. Growth in population, creation of jobs and development of public and private sector are factors responsible for a surge in transport services. Earlier, people had limited means to travel from one place in a city to another. However, the development of metro trains in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad, among other things, has provided enhanced convenience and ease of commute to regular office goers throughout the city.

No matter which part of the city you belong to, it’s possible a Delhi Metro station might be hardly within 3 km of your home or be under construction. Huge numbers of travellers taking these service everyday generally lead to long queues outside the token and card recharge counters. This often leads to frustration and wastage of time, and demands the convenience of online Metro recharge.

This rather easy and convenient method entails minimal online steps. All that is expected from the user is to create a profile on the required app for online card registration. The ease of services provided by apps like Paytm not only gives you multiple options to choose from while making online purchases but also enables you to customise your orders and make purchases without making the effort of leaving your home.

Once the profile is created, the user enters his debit card information (name of account holder, date of expiry) which is fed and saved into the database. Hence, every time he wishes to go for a Metro recharge without going through the hassle of waiting for his turn behind inquisitive passengers, he only needs to enter the recharge amount and his CSC code. This directs him to another page where bank authorisation is required. Upon the completion of that step, the amount is deducted from his bank account and added to his Metro card as recharge balance.

Online metro recharge has several advantages beyond the ones already discussed. Besides ease of operation, it avoids the need to have readily available cash at all times. After the turning point in our economy, better recalled as demonetisation, there was a dire need of replacing liquid cash with digital payments. This eliminated the number of steps involved in obtaining cash to make transactions. Avoiding the need to visit ATMs every now and then, a successful metro recharge is dependent on how well you remember your CSC at any given point in time.

This isn’t to say this facility comes without any disadvantages. In the absence of a fast, effective internet connection, metro recharge doesn’t go through. In case of an unresponsive system, the money is usually transferred back to your bank account within 24 hours. This is a minor glitch, however, in a system which is reliable and methodical. However, in most of the cases, when you opt to add money to your smart card via mobile apps, you enjoy one of the most convenient ways of doing this.

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