Factory Reset Does Not Wipe All Your Android’s Data: Here is How To Delete Everything Properly

With smartphones increasingly hitting the market today, people look to unload theoldphones frequently than before. One standard thing many do when selling the old devicesis to restore the factory settings. The goal mostly is to wipe it and clean any personal information and also bring the new-phone feeling to the next owner.Even though the original owner as well feels some sense of protection,there is a confirmation thatusing Android factory settings will not wipe everything. Of course, applying the extraction methods, you can recover emails, texts, and photos. This articlehighlights how to use hardreset.infotips to deleteyour Android data well.

  1. Factory resetprotection

The introduction of FRP in Android phones by Google is an added level of security. Of course, many times phone users perform a factory reset or even accidentally press the reset option. In the end, you remain feeling frustrated because all the information will look like it’s gone. Some often assume that smartphones automatically back up every detail using Google. The design of this protection feature is to prevent the incidences of having the devices stolen, wiped, and used or sold somewhere.

Fortunately, factory resetting a phone when the FRP is enabled and attempting to make it look all-new prompts you to key in the last registered Google accounts username and also the password. Without the exact details, that device will stay locked, and that means you cannot access it. Undoubtedly, it will be of no good especially if you are determined to sell or give the device away. So only the owner can recover the information on Android even after factory reset easily. All the installed apps, photos,andfilesthat were backed up will not be gone butrestored as they were since the first time you got your phone.

Ensure that anything you need should be backed up before doing this step as it wipes everything. The procedure is the same for several Android phones, but some are different. When you finish the process, all the data that the next phone user could recover will get wiped and encrypted remaining hard to decrypt. At this point, you can safely sell the smartphone or even pass it confidently to somebody else.

  1. Encrypt The Data.

One dependable solution to restore Android information after a factory reset is through encryption. The good news is that if you did not sync the details to the main Gmail account beforeresetting, you can still restoreall the information you thought would be lost. Besides, you can as well search for a professional data recovery softwarefrom Google to help retrieve the data. Theprograms and tools usually scan your phone and find every recoverable file. During this time, you can preview the recoveredcollections one after another and then select what you want back.

The option is only built forAndroid devices and involvesone to enter either a password or PIN whenever the phone is turned on for use. That means anyonewho is trying to restore your phone’s data must use theunique key for decrypting.Without this info, someone else cannot gain access to it. Remember the process may take longer so needs the device to be well charges or kept plugged to the charger. The navigation method for the step also differs a bit from the phone model. But generally,it involves moving from Settings > Security > Encrypt phone. Some devices have the details encrypted by default.

Finally, smartphones have theprivy to your important secrets including sensitive emails, financial and contact details. Sometimes the devices have even suggestive photosamong the things you neverwant to fall in the wrong hands. Carrying outa factory reset sounds to be a perfectidea, but it is not enough to clean your Android properly.

So, you can protect your data from the future owner of thephone by investing in Hardreset.info ideas. The tips provide an extra measure to help youbefore selling your gadget or even attempting a reset.

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