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6 Benefits of Android App Development to Your Business

Mobile apps are no more restricted to gaming and entertainment industry. They are emerging out as an imperative part of the business world. They are revamping the traditional ways of customer engagement and revenue generation, as well as are paving the path to market brands more effectively.

Considering this fact, if you are planning to build an app for your business, it is quite possible that you are stuck at the question: Which platform is best for business mobile app development – Android or iOS?

Being in the mobile industry for years, interacting with clients from different business vertical, what I have come to realize is that every business needs an Android app. Wondering why so?

Here are the 6 reasons why you should look forward to Android app development:

1.Higher Market Audience: Android is leading the mobile market with significant 80% of share. This implies overlooking the Android platform for mobile app development can be a great loss, provided the competition in the mobile market is rising day by day.

2.App for Everyone: Though the market fragmentation seems like a challenge, another side of the coin is lucrative. Since Android is available on multiple devices and used by people of different ages and behavior. This signifies you can cater different user base at the same time (no matter what device they use) by choosing Android over iOS.

So, what are you waiting for? Discuss with an Android app development company and build an app for everyone.

3.Low Investment: Being an open-source platform, Android offers a plethora of SDKs and software to developers for FREE. You can easily experiment and implement them without any fear of loss. Furthermore, the Google community as well as various other developer communities provide assistance in learning and implementing new codes faster. Along with, you can add complex details to your application with Material Design at a very low price. This, in turn, encourages developers to freely adopt the platform and enjoy higher ROI.

4.Easy Customization: From a complex technical android application to a simple gaming app, Android platform offers ample of possibilities for customization. You can design the UI as per your business consideration, and integrate technologies accordingly. When it comes to Apple, you have lesser chances of tweaking the design due to their stringent guidelines and approach to layout. This again proves that Android app development can make it easier for you to place your imagination in a mobile app and attract more users.

5.Faster Approval: The process of approval is far more easy-going for Android. The platform analyzes the application for malware, copyright violations and other such security and privacy considerations using automatic tools. If passed the test, the application can be made live within a few hours. This is a plus point over Apple that reviews each and every part of the mobile app strictly. In a nutshell, the Android application can enter the app market earlier than the iOS application.

6.Multiple Sale Channel: An Android app, being on the screen of the smartphones, can prompt users to tap on the app icon and get your services. Besides, the application using native device features like push notifications, contact sync, camera access, etc. can open new doors to engage t he existing users as well as attract new users. Besides, the Android app can be submitted to different third-party app stores besides the Google Play Store. These points, as a whole, increase the chances to reach the target audience, cater to their needs, and skyrocket your sales.

With the whopping rise in Android applications from 1 million in July 2013 to 3.6 million in March 2018, the interest of business leaders in the android application development is increasing. So, in case you don’t want to remain behind and put your business at loss, hire the best Android app development company today itself.

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