The situation with your IMEI number can now be easily altered by simply altering the IMEI number.

It is the number that your phone is connected to on all ways possible and it is the number that shows if your phone is locked or not.

So, when that number is changed you can consider most of the details about your phone changed as well.

However, changing the IMEI code is not as simple as changing the pin code or the pass code on your mobile phone device. That can be easily done because you have all the means necessary to perform the change, not to mention that even little kids know how to do it.

Changing the IMEI code is more challenging task because it is very little spoken of, and only a few people have done it in the past. When I say a few I means a few thousand from all over the world so that little world shouldn’t discourage you.


Whatever you do when you realize that you want to change your IMEI don’t go to your carrier’s shop and ask about it. That is clearly something that is against their policies and not only will you be given a few questionable look they may decide to follow your actions.

Changing the IMEI code is not something illegal, but on the other hand it will leave the carriers without their bound users in a matter of days so it is only natural that they would dislike the idea.

Finally, to answer the question: how to change your IMEI code I will give you the following tool and as much reference to it as I possibly can to make the process more familiar.

IMEI Changer Tool

This is the tool that will definitely change your IMEI code with no questions asked. It works on a remote basis, which means there is no face-to-face interaction. Maybe it would be easier to grasp this concept if you knew that the IMEI Changer Tool is a software application tool and not some regular tool that you go and buy from the shops. There is no ordering procedure as well, and no purchasing procedure. This means that all of your personal data you can keep for yourself and still get the IMEI changing job done.

As a software application that comes for free it needs to be downloaded, probably best from the official page of the IMEI Changer Tool, although there are many other sources you can use to get the IMEI Changer Tool on your computer.

Once downloaded completely you should install it and have it on your computer for the current IMEI change and for IMEI changing operation that may come in the future.

The moment you have the tool you can use it as many times as you need to, although you don’t need to use it more than once to change the IMEI code of one single mobile phone device.

What happens next?

Next you need to double click on the IMEI Change Tool to open it.

Then, after you took a few minutes to have a look at its design you may start the changing operation.

First you need to select your country and the carrier that you use. In some versions of the IMEI Changer Tool these are not obligatory fields and you can skip them. Still, there is one filed that you can never skip and that is the field where you need to enter your current IMEI code.

To discover the current IMEI code of your cell phone device you need to press *#60# from the dial pad of the handset. In a moment or two the IMEI will appear on the screen and that is the IMEI you should use to fill in the blank IMEI field in the IMEI changing software.

Enter your email address and then click” change IMEI”.

The changing process will take its course and its time, although you shouldn’t wait for more than a few minutes to check your email.

There you will receive information that your IMEI has been changed and an additional note containing your new IMEI code.

The changes in your phone will be automatically updated because during the entire time of the IMEI changing procedure you need to have your phone connected to the computer with the USB cable that you have.

You can also see a video tutorial of this procedure, although, I personally think that you will do a great job with the tips and directions you just read here.

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