What Makes WeatherBug An Except Among The Other Weather Apps For Androids

Nowadays, the weather has become unpredictable, and you should expect bad weather condition anytime. So it has become important for every Smartphone users to install a weather app on their phone. On searching through online, you will find plenty of weather apps available for free, but only a few will keep you warm and dry.

Most weather services will have the ability to predict rain and temperature for certain place, so picking the right app could make all the differences. The daily apps are made to forecast the weather easier than used to be.

  1. It covers entire world – The application provides users 10-day forecast which will help you to plan your future activities better. The app shows forecast for the whole world making useful for people who indulge in activities like trekking in remote places.
  2. Informs you about dew point and pollen forecast – The app send you notification about severe weather warning issued for earthquake, hurricane, storm and extreme temperature. It shows information related to the dew point. It has pollen forecast, and this feature helps people who suffer from an allergic reaction to pollen.
  3. A high rating in App store – This app has a higher rating on Apple and Google plays app store. It shows overall quality and user satisfaction with 5 being the highest rating.
  4. It includes picture galleries and map – The app has a great collection of pictures taken by users, and this creates an engaging experience for It includes localized maps, and you can zoom in the map to see the desired location.
  5. It allows customization and has live webcam – It is possible to customize the app allowing you to display the metrics important to you. It will hide the one you do not need. The app has a live camera and will show you weather conditions real-time.
  6. Provide data about the chance of rain, lightning, the risk of thunderstorm – The app provides you information about the likelihood of thunderstorm making users helpful to plan their day. It offers a descriptive text about weather forecast information in easier to read format. You can see the exact time when sunset and sunrise will take place. It provides information about lightning in your area. It keeps of updating about the chance of rain.
  7. Free application – The app doesn’t require users to create an account to log in and to use the app. They are compatible with window devices. You may download the application for free from any app store.
  8. Provides hourly forecast and exact hour of rain – The app shows the number of an hour it will rain on a selected date. The detailed hour by hour forecast will help you when you are traveling to work.

The WeatherBug app provides lots of information and tracks the climatic condition from all over the world. It will detect your current location to give updated information. The application is packed with lots of interesting features which makes it stand exceptional among others.

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