Video Conferencing Software

Ensuring that all participants in a video conference experience high quality sound and image is vital. Therefore, we have decided to analyse the five best video conferencing tools. We have analysed each one based on its set of valued features, price and their reliability. Hopefully, this will help you narrow your search for the best video conferencing software. There are many video conferencing tools that don’t deliver what they say. The five we have recommended below will truly make connecting with people in faraway places easy.

Video Conferencing Software

Skype – Starting at $8.99 a month, Skype makes virtual teamwork a possibility. You have the option to share files and your screen. If you want to take part in a group video call then only one person in the group needs to have signed up for that service. However, all users will need to have the latest Skype for Commercial account. The great thing about Skype is that it is reliable and cheap. Not many people know it can be used for commercial reasons as it is mainly used for personal communication.

TokBoxAudio-visual Conference – A monthly subscription will cost you $40. This a great option for people who hold webinars or have video conferences with many people. When someone has comment to make or ask a question, they can request to go on screen so they can be seen when speaking. Any video-related related problems can also be fixed by a meeting producer. Participants also have the opportunity to send video questions to the host before the conference starts, who can then choose which ones to show during the conference. Although this software allows up to 200 people to participate in each conference, it feels like a face-to-face meeting for all users.

ooVoo – Costing $39.95 a month for one subscription, this is one of the more expensive video conferencing options. This software allows users to record and send video messages to other users. You can also record meetings too which is handy to share with your colleagues who couldn’t make it. The software can store approximately 1,000 minutes of footage. It is known for its excellent quality and allows six people to take part in each meeting. ooVoo is also well known for its sleek appearance and easiness to use.

MegaMeeting – This software only allows you to purchase three subscriptions at a time, at a cost of $45 per month. One of the great features of this software is that you can customise it with your company logo. The webcam image is refreshed every couple of seconds to show all the attendees at the conference. 16 people from all over the world can participate in one video conference. This conferencing software is browser-based.

SightSpeed – At $19.95 per month, this is one the cheapest video conferencing options available. It is quite similar to Skype in that files can be shared during the meeting. All conferences can be recorded and then sent to those who couldn’t attend. However, the best thing is that these videos do not need to be downloaded as they are stored on SightSpeed. There is also an option to check how many people have viewed your video. It allows up to nine people to participate in one video conference. Logitech are the creators of SightSpeed.


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