New Gadgets Working Smoothly

After unwrapping your Christmas gifts, you must be excited to get your new gadgets up and running. However, you just want to get everything working without any trouble and errors that can seriously damage the gadgets and lead to costly repairs. So what do you do? Simply switching your gadgets on and fiddling with them is not the best way to get your gadgets working smoothly. Here are a few ways you can easily get your new LED TV, iPod or tablet working with minimum frustration.

New Gadgets Working Smoothly

Packaging And Receipts

Always keep the packaging of your gadgets because if your gadgets are defective, you will have to return or have them exchanged in their original packaging. If you find storing packaging on a long term basis in your home too messy, you can always have them stored elsewhere until the warranties expire. However if you have a habit of selling your gadgets after using them for some time, you will find that long term storage solutions are to your advantage.

After you have unpacked the gadgets, return the accompanying Styrofoam, sleeves, plastics and ties back in the box. When you are done reading through the manuals, remember to keep it in the box too. You can also place the manuals, programming discs and other literature in re-sealable storage bags for safekeeping.

Battery Charge

Gadgets that have not been charged before being packaged must be completely charged before being used. So, before you decide to explore your new laptop or iPod, charge the batteries first completely.

Secure Your Gadgets

Never start using your gadgets without prioritizing security, most especially gadgets that must be connected to the internet. Those that require passwords must be secured with passwords, and security settings that must be adjusted, must be adjusted first.

Device Software Updates

Look for any software updates for your devices whenever available to ensure that your gadgets are always working to its utmost potential. If you attempt to update your gadgets without any professional advice, you might only end up seriously damaging them.

Securing Cell Phones

If your teens get cell phones for Christmas, remember to pre-program them first. Make sure that emergency numbers, including that of mom, dad and other relatives are included in the phonebook. It is also best to teach them how to block unwanted or suspicious numbers.

High Definition Televisions

When using your new high definition television or HDTV, always check the display settings. You might end up watching HDTV programs in standard definition which can really ruin the experience.

Touch / Fingertip Sensors

Newer models of laptops, tablets and cell phones include biometric sensors to operate with a swipe of the fingertip. However, this can only be done by recording a fingerprint on the device accurately. You can do this by sliding your fingertip smoothly at a moderate speed without lifting your fingertip from the screen.

Be Responsible And Turn It Off

Although receiving new and trendy gadgets can be overwhelming during the holidays, it is crucial to remember that the holiday season is all about your family. You will have time for your new toys later, so focus on family first before you start assembling, installing, charging, programming and using your new gadgets.

Valerie East is a mother of four and a freelance writer specializing in home improvement, the latest apps and gadgets, and various storage solutions. She offers information on how to care for gadgets while also recommending US Storage Centers for reliable gadget storage and efficient space solutions.


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