Promotional USB Sticks


The trend of preloading data onto promotional USB sticks is increasing and more and more people are starting to understand the real benefits of using this service.

USB Sticks Branding

Promotional USB Sticks

Just by branding, the USB flash drive becomes a very effective tool in marketing and advertising, as it is a well-received gift by anyone and makes any logo or company name more visible. Plus, with each use, as your brand will be promoted, it will remain in the mind of all of your potential customers that got their hands on your promotional giveaway.

In essence, the promotional USB stick is a storing device. Distributing your branded devices without the preloading advertising materials, you will use just half of its marketing potential. Instead of paying extra for catalogues, flyers or other printed materials, just preload them onto your promotional USB sticks for a fraction of the printed materials cost, along with some Power Point presentations or other multimedia presentations and even a pop-up link to your business’ website.

Preloading digital data can be very time consuming, if you do it yourself. Imagine loading 500 or more flash drives with your promotional materials. Instead, the data can be loaded at the end of the manufacturing process, or by your promotional items supplier, if your data is not ready until the order is placed. It all depends on the lead times.

If you opt for the preloaded digital data service, there are a few options you should consider.

The standard preload is an option if you just want to copy you files onto your promotional USB sticks, no other modifications to the products will be made. This way the receiver can access the content and can also delete it. The advantage is that the USB flash drive will have a higher retention value, making your logo, brand or message visible for a longer period of time. The drawback is that your digital data will be erased for sure at a certain moment in time.

Non-erasable content

With the non-erasable content, the branded USB memory drive will allow the user to access the promotional digital data, but it cannot be erased. During the manufacturing process, the USB flash drive is partitioned in two. One part will be protected so your data will not be deleted, the other one remaining free to use by the receiver of the promotional item. He or she can store, share or make any modifications to their own data. This method of preloading data ensures a continuous and on-going exposure of your data and also data retention. But it also has a drawback. If the users need extra space, they cannot free up more space and this could lead to a shorter usage. Also, your data must be ready when the order for the promotional USB sticks is placed, because this procedure can be completed only during the manufacturing process.

Non-erasable autorun

Another option for data preloading is with a non-erasable autorun. The autorun files make possible the launch of a presentation or an application as soon as the promotional USB flash drive is plugged-in. Just make sure you use popular formats for your files so they can be properly loaded. This can be a great method of putting your important advertising message in front of the users, but can be annoying at some point, so it has an impact on the retention value. Plus, some presentations or applications, don’t work well on older computers


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