Google Nexus 6P

Google’s Nexus phones multifariously are reference devices for developers, reasonable humanoid smartphones for the plenty (well, the tiny plenty within the U.S. World Health Organization get unbarred phones), aspirational, pocketably little and then huge that the code name for the Nexus half dozen was Shamu. For late 2015, Google launched 2 new Nexus smartphones: the Nexus 5X by LG that we have a tendency to recently reviewed and therefore the larger and costlier Nexus 6P created by Huawei.

Google Nexus 6P

The 6P may be a flagship with a giant five.7″ AMOLED show, high of the road flower 810 and aluminium unibody construction whose beginning worth is nearer to midrange. The thirty two gig Nexus 6P is $499, and every storage increment adds $50. The phone is accessible in matte black, aluminium and white (all anodized aluminum). each the Nexus 5X and 6P square measure unbarred to be used on any carrier and that they support each GSM and CDMA with LTE 4G, which suggests they will work on Sprint and Verizon likewise as AT&T and T-Mobile. As per usual with Nexus devices, the 6P runs a clean build of humanoid with no custom UIs or another apps. It’s prepared for development, unlocking the bootloader and custom ROMs.

Design and applied science

This is an outsized phone–it’s as huge because the iPhone 6s and, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ and LG V10. this is not a cuddlesome very little phone that is meant for petite hands and little pockets. That said, it’s very slim and lightweight for its size at half dozen.27 ounces. The slim style and straight edges create it straightforward to carry (assuming medium to giant hands) and it isn’t drop prone just like the incurved facet iPhone 6s and. The half dozenP feels smaller and is a smaller amount of some than the Nexus 6. it is the classiest trying Nexus nonetheless due to the chamfered edges, metal casing and overall smart vogue. the sole dissatisfaction is that the giant black pongid Glass four window that runs across the rear, housing the rear camera, IR optical device window and antennas. The phone slopes a small bit up thereto raised glass space, and it’s unquiet, albeit distinctive. there is conjointly atiny low cap at rock bottom that is plastic (painted to match the metal close it), and it provides a window for a lot of antennas. Overall i prefer the design of the phone, and it’s as as pricy because the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Note five.

The front holds a rare treat: front facing stereo speakers. As you would possibly guess, they sound far better than the typical mobile phone speaker, however they don’t seem to be quite as full and wealthy as HTC’s BoomSound speakers.


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