Know Why Magento 2 Is Equally Beneficial For Desktop And Mobile e-Businesses

The best thing about Magento is that it provides a common platform where different e-stores could carry out their businesses in the most feasible way. When it comes to the development process, it consists of three main elements namely, testing and correcting and thereby, learning new things. Compared to the old version of Magento, Magento 2 allows the developers to add new code in a more defined and structured way that too with ease. With Magento 2, now it has become easy for businesses to operate their stores on all types of devices like desktops, tablets and mobiles. Moreover, the checkout process has been simplified and everything has been covered in a single page. This nullifies the need to load the next page. So let’s take a ride and see what Magento 2 has to offer new to the e-commerce stores.


Here you will find apps structure where all the things are placed within the directory. This helps you to access the important elements of the web development process like CSS files, template, js and layout for any specific module. With Magento 2, there is no need of changing the codes again and again.


Unlike the Magento 1, where there was structural block, Magento 2 has a completely new concept of container wrapper. This way you can easily move the blocks and organize them. This means you can simply move the Files Layout, Theme Layout as well as Base Layout thus making the development process effortless. So you can move them wherever you want and thereby define the sections on the website. All this has been made possible with the help of Visual design Editor.


Magento 2 helps to customize themes in a trouble-free manner with the help of LESS. Magento 2 even has CSS in the theme core along with URL resolver. Moreover, the static files which are present in the directory is published along with CSS with the help of the publisher present in Magento 2. This publisher also makes use of pre-processors to pre-process the files, which are being published. This helps Magento 2 to load pages in the least required time.


A modular frontend library with proper flexibility is present in Magento 2. Frontend Magento theme development and its customization is made painless by base element using a set of mixins. Frontend library is managed by jQuery and so there is no need for Prototypes. The library is very responsive and you can easily access and use it.

Things in store

  • Full page caching
  • HTML5
  • Magento performance toolkit
  • jQuery in rwd package
  • Apache 2.2 or later
  • Sass/Compass
  • CSS Preprocessor
  • CSS3
  • Prototype Javascript Library in core
  • MySQL 5.6
  • PSR Compliance
  • Magento UI Library
  • Javascript libraries

Improved scalability and performance

Magento 2 comes with default indexers with better updates. These updates increase the performance of merchant data query like stores, catalog data, users, prices, etc. You can even create performance test scripts with the help of Performance toolkit which is present in this version. Magento 2 solves the issue of page loading and server load. Which has been made possible by the HTTP accelerator technology when used along with Static Page Cache. Moreover, now different admin users can easily edit products that too without any conflicts in data.

No Prototypes

In Magento 2 you will find JQuery instead of Prototypes.

Upgrades now cheaper and effortless

Now you can easily upgrade and install extensions to Magento 2 platform thus making the development process simpler. Moreover, the new version comes with the option to import/export data so that you can easily export and then import your current data like product catalog, customer records, inventory data and other records to the Magento 2 platform. You can better hire Magento developer to get this task done with ease.

Better user experience

With Magento 2, you have a Menu system which comes with compulsory functions like Marketing, Product, Store and Reporting. This provides better user experience to the customers.

Something that brought Magento 2 to limelight is better flexibility, guest checkout facility, improved code testing, a thumbnail for order summary, improved admin GUI, etc. Magento 2 is on the path of improvisation and so you can expect more in the coming days.

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