How to Choose a Cheap Smartphone?

Most people dream of buying an inexpensive smartphone that has plenty of capabilities. However, it is not that easy to choose a good cheap smartphone unless you are a techie. Often, the difference and the capabilities of low-cost smartphones are not obvious, and some tips on the internet are not always objective. However, do not despair! When choosing any smartphone, in most cases it is enough to pay attention to the following key characteristics of smartphones:

1) The number of cores in a processor.

Low-cost smartphones usually have a two or a four-core processor. This indicator affects the speed of the smartphone. The more cores you have, the faster applications run and the faster web pages load, and so on. The optimal number of cores for a cheap smartphone is four. If your budget allows you to, you can consider a more powerful smartphone with an 8-core processor. You can always compare phone prices online and decide which option is the best for your needs and your budget.

2) Camera

Even inexpensive smartphones are equipped with a 5-megapixel camera today. However, If you are the kind of person who loves taking pictures, you should give preference to the smartphones with an 8 megapixel camera or higher.

3) Release date of the smartphone.

You should do some research on the dates the phone was released. We suggest you opt for models that have been on the market for no more than two or three years. In modern world, mobile technologies are evolving rapidly and up-to-date mobile phones are equipped with much better hardware and are more functional than their predecessors released a few years ago.

4) Battery Capacity

Unfortunately, the equipment of smartphones with advanced technologies affects the consumption of battery. In 2016, the overwhelming majority of smartphones can work for about two days without recharging. If it is important for you to have a smartphone that can work for as long as possible, you should choose models with the battery capacity of 4000 mAh. Such models are not small, though, but they allow you not to worry over recharging your phone for a longer period of time.

5) Screen Resolution

This is an important criterion, especially if you plan to use the Internet a lot, which you probably do, and view photographs directly on your smartphone. Therefore, when buying a low-cost smartphone, you should pay special attention to the screen resolution and the number of pixels per inch. The more pixels you have, the sharper the information on the screen is.

6) Support of two SIM cards

It is necessary to bear this important criterion in mind if you are planning to have two SIM cards for a permanent use. Smartphone with two SIM cards will allow you to avoid buying a second phone and thus will save you some of money on calls when choosing a carrier. However, if the phone that you chose does not feature this capability, it is always possible to get a super cheap second phone, such as Blackberry storm.

So here are our tips on how to choose a good and cheap smartphone in 2016. We hope you find them helpful!

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