How Blogging Helps Grow Your Brand

Valuemags has been in the magazine subscription game for a few years now. They offer free subscriptions on some magazines while the others are paid subscriptions. Using search engine optimization is a great way to get more traffic leading back to your site. But it takes know-how and time to get your sites to be ranking for certain keywords on search engines.

Crawlers that go through each webpage, determine whether the information is relevant, useful, new, etc. It is up to you to know how to compartmentalize your content and pages. You can do so with the use of robots.txt. It’s purpose is to give very specific instructions to search bots about which pages they can crawl and which not to. Say for example Valuemags is currently working on their site to do A/B testing to see which page will convert better. Because there will be 2 different pages with duplicate content, it is best to tell the search bots to crawl and index only one of them. The reason is because Google penalizes webpages with identical content.

 Once you got the basics down on how to create your webpage and where you want the crawlers to go, it is important to produce a content strategy. Content marketing is a struggle since it takes a lot of work and ideas. Once you have organized what to write and when to post, it will go so much smoother. When you blog and do it properly, it can give up to 13x positive ROI. Valuemags has noticed the difference between content that has been planned and reworked. There are many ways to get the attention of an audience. Uses of info graphics, captivating imagery, and interesting industry information are just a few examples.

It is also important to get your content on other bloggers’ sites. Note that it has to be a related topic. Since Valuemags is in the magazine industry, there are many topics they can blog about and be mentioned in. There is a vast number of categorizes of magazines they sell like fashion, food, and boating. The bloggers who write about a certain topic can mention Valuemags in their article and have a link going back to their site. Press releases are another great option if there is a news worthy article to make available to many news sources.

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