Nexus 6 Review

Android 6.0 another OS level support for fingerprint scanners, and like the Nexus 5X, the 6P’s worked sort of a charm. i am not a friend of getting the scanner on the rear as a result of you cannot see if your finger is focused and you’ve got to select the phone up off the table to access the scanner. That said, the scanner is tactile enough that

Nexus 6 Review

I seldom misplaced my finger (unlike with the LG V10), and therefore the wake screen that activates once you move the phone provides a handy look at notifications and standing, therefore you would possibly not ought to unlock the phone simply to examine on those. like the iPhone, you wish solely rest your registered finger on the scanner to unlock it–no ought to press a button. It’s fast and painless, and that i suggest victimisation it for security. Android 6.0 conjointly supports encoding such the phone will not absolutely boot and unencrypt till you enter your PIN (this happens once a closure and restart). i would use that too–why create it straightforward for thieves to access your phone’s data?

This is one among the few phones with a USB-C port. this can be a symmetrical port (there’s no right facet up) and it permits for quicker knowledge transfers and probably show out. The phone ships with a USB-C to USB-C cable that plugs into the charger and into the only a few laptops on the market that have a USB-C port. Google includes a brief USB-C to USB-A (standard USB) cable therefore you’ll be able to plug it into any pc that lacks USB-C.


The show is one among a contemporary smartphone’s most vital features–it’s your window into the globe it offers, and if text is not sharp and photos and video do not look contrasty and colourful, you are susceptible to fall out of affection quickly. Happily, the Nexus 6P uses Samsung’s latest AMOLED technology, and therefore the QHD 2560 x 1440 show may be a beauty to lay eyes on. it’s AMOLED’s deep blacks, close to infinite distinction and saturated colours. it isn’t cartoony like early AMOLED panels from many years past, and it’s fairly move on quality to the Samsung Galaxy Note five. The show will get bright if you disable auto-brightness, however it cannot match the Note 5’s out of doors mode. Still, it’s definitely visible  outdoors, tho’ the camera finder is a wee bit difficult beneath our Texas sun on a bright day. For those that loathe AMOLED’s extremely saturated hues (again, nicely controlled here), there is a setting beneath Developer choices (weird place to place that, Google) to run it in sRGB mode for a a lot of LCD-like color rendition.

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