5 Creepy Deep Web Stories you should know about

Deep web has lots of secrets hidden from outside world. It is that part of the internet which is hidden from normal search engine. There are various hidden deep websites and dark web markets like Dream Market that can be accessed through TOR browser and contain tons of anonymous, heinous and creepy stuff. Not many people are aware about the dark web and what secrets lay beneath it. If you start exploring deep web then you will find yourself into a different world of internet. You can find a lot of stuff over deep web that is illegal and dangerous. It requires a lot of control to not to go deep into the stuff. If you are still inquisitive to know then here are some of the creep deep web stories that would amaze you.

Human Meat

This is one of the most disturbing and criminal information available in some of the websites on deep web. Few websites on deep web explain how to cook a human meat. There is recipe of human meat that says how to cut the flesh so that the human being still lives even after. Such creepy stories tells us that how criminal and sick minded people live in the society.

We See You

Another creepy and scary story that lies about deep web is that people get scary messages on their computer screens while going through the websites that says “ We see you” with the name of the person mentioned on the computer screen. Just imagine how scary and creepy it would be to know that someone is able to track and see your information or able to access webcam and hack into your system. We all know that deep web is not secure so you never know if someone hacks you if you are not having secure access.

Don’t Click on It

Another creepy story about deep web that many people have experienced is related to a random message appears on their screen or while exploring that says “Don’t Click on it” and then if you click on it then a creepy video starts and in the end another message displays “ You better start running”. This can easily make you go insane. Therefore, if you find any random messages or suspicious websites while browsing deep web then you ensure that you don’t click such links as they may access your personal data.

Get a Random Phone Call

Few stories lie over internet related to deep web that says that people get a call from an unknown number while exploring over deep web and no one answers the phone. It has happened with few people and can easily freak anyone out.

Henious Images

Another creepy story about a website on deep web says that as the person explores deep web, he figures out a link that says “Check this out for new people on deep web” and if you click the link then few creepy heinous images will start appearing consisting of blood and other creepy stuff.

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