The top five exciting new features in Farming Simulator 19

Simulator fans cannot contain their excitement when Farming Simulator 19 was officially launched earlier this year, however, the first question that each player would be asking is, what is the difference between the previous versions of the 2019 version of Farming Simulation? Is it worth your money? Well, for many players, it is totally worth their money.

Farming Simulator is a highly-popular simulator game wherein your role is a modern-day farmer who is tasked to raise your own farming empire by starting from scratch. From there, you will slowly build your name, your reputation and your farming skills to build your own farming empire, buy more fields, buy more machines and yield more great-quality crops.

If you compare it to its previous versions, there are many notable changes and modifications that are made for Farming Simulator 19 that will keep you playing for long hours, and to tell you more, keep reading this article to find out some of the best changes and additional features that you can enjoy in playing Farming Simulator 19 or the telecharger farming simulator 19.

  1. Brand-new game engine– There is noticeable improved graphics and animation that you can enjoy in Farming Simulator 19 where it is more immersive and realistic than ever which is complete with new physics and more. The control of the vehicles is also more realistic and more complex even though the AI employees remains the same.
  2. More machines to use and to choose from– There are a number of farming vehicles that are featured in the basic version of the game which in total have 102 types of tractors, harvesters, equipment and machineries that you can use in the game featuring top farming brands such as John Deere, Case IH, KUHN, Ropa, Stara, AGCO, and a lot more.
  3. More realistic gameplay and mechanics– The entire game introduces each player new elements that are very realistic like the appearance of the crops, the plants and the weeds that you can see on the field which also helps you locked in to your computer and console for hours because of the high-quality gaming and graphics not to mention the realistic way to create new fields, repairing vehicle breakdowns and other stuff.
  4. Highly-improved gameplay dynamics– You are no longer starting with small steps in cultivating just a half hectare of fields, and there are more complex and even multi-purpose machines that can harvest yields from more than a thousand liters of crops which can make money for you easily.
  5. You can combine more machines into one– This feature in the game is already existing in the previous versions of Farming Simulator, however, you can mix machines from two different brands and construct new machines in the Farming Simulator 19 which is more effective for farming chores such as plowing, sowing, and to cultivate the fields effectively. You can find more information here.
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