How to Listen Your Employees Voice Calls with Best Spy Software?

These days, use of the spy apps has increased manifold. As compared to the past, more people use tracking tools and spy software nowadays. There are many reasons for this. Some people do digital parenting while others use these apps for tracking employees and their partners. There are some people who track any individual person.

Spy apps offer a wide range of features to the users so that they can do better spying. Among these feature, one or more are used for spying on the voice calls. Employers use such tools because they want to record and listen to the voice calls of their staff on the company devices. In order to do this, a reliable and the best spy software is required.

The Best Spy Software

There are a number of options for the users when it comes to the best spy apps. However, not all the apps are the best and have the same features. Some provide great performance while others come with more features. But performance is the thing that users should look for. Considering other factors like price, features, privacy and user-friendliness, we have picked BlurSPY app for the users.

BlurSPY App- To Listen Voice Calls

This software is amazing. If we talk about the features, it provides the users with a bundle of new and advanced features. In performance, it is matchless and has great functionality. In terms of price, it is the most affordable spy app in the market these days. This spy app also ensures maximum privacy so that the users can stay safe when they track any target phone.

Users will not find any other app BlurSPY in the like market. This app has the most affordable pricing plans for the users. You can also avail special discounts. Their customer service is just amazing and exceptional. They provide every help to the users at any moment of time.

Features of BlurSPY App for Listening to Voice Calls

Users should understand what it means when it comes to listening to the voice calls. It simply means recording or listening to the live audio during any incoming or outgoing phone call on the target phones. BlurSPY offers two options that can be used for tracking the voice calls. The options are given below.

Call Manager

The first option in our selection is the call manager. BlurSPY offers this feature to all the users of the app. It is a complete package and serves many purposes. With this feature, users can record any incoming and outgoing phone calls. Live interception is also possible. If the users want to listen to the live calls, they can do so. This feature also gives access to the call history.

You should install android spyware app on the target smartphone. When the app is installed, turn on this feature. BlurSPY will let you listen to the live voice calls. Even the calls on WhatsApp, Messenger and other apps can also be recorded and intercepted. It becomes pretty easy for the employers to listen to the voice calls of their employees.

Bug Mic

The other option is called bugging the mic. In this option, the users will hack the mic on the target phone. When the mic is bugged, the users can listen to any phone calls as well as voices in the surroundings. That also means, users can listen to other communications going on between the target person and others.

Using the bug mic feature is really easy. As the app has been installed on the target phone, users will just need to activate this feature. The app will give you access to the calls and other sounds. It should also be noted, users can also bug the camera to take pictures and see where the target person is.


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