Make your home look stylish with a smart TV

The room where you treat the guest says a lot about the home. This is the room or place where you love to fill the right numbers of stylish furniture and fittings. One of the important appliances that you never like to miss in the room is a TV, not just a device, but instead a superb smart TV. Yes, present generation is so concerned about the settings of the main hall or room. They need to make it really stylish and none other than a superb TV can bring the real look and feel you wish to get to the room. At present, CRTs has become and history and it the smart TVs that rules the market. Here are some of the best smart TVs you can get to make your home look stylish.

  • Mi Led Smart TV 4

Xiaomi has stormed the market with this TV by delivering excellent smart features for a surprising rate. Now everyone can think about mounting a best smart TV in the walls to make the home a theatre. The TV keeps a stunning price tag that makes everyone entering the televisions store to have a look at it. There is no doubt that if you are looking for the new gen best smart tv in india, then this is the brand to look for. It is the rate that makes the surprise and you can enter the best online stores to purchase this TV for a rate that fall under 50,000 rupees.

This TV delivers pictures with real-life quality in its 55-inch Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 display screen. The device supports HDR out-of-the-box and is powered by the quad-core 64-bit processor and runs PatchWall to add easiness to the multitasking between the apps. With extensive connectivity options, you can connect devices and can enjoy the real fun and entertainment on the television screens. Audio effects are enhanced to perfectly support the viewing experience. Frameless designs make the TV to look like an original screen when it mounted on the walls.

Xiaomi makes your investment really worth.

  • Vu Android 109 cm (43 inch) Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV

This is the favourite smart TV of the experts. Vu is known for delivering high-class products to the market at affordable rates. This is a luxury smart TV designed and developed to meet the exact expectations in features and rate. This TV is supported by high-end smart features to throw out the real powerful performance of smart TV to assure the best in sound and picture quality. The device has easily conquered the market with its stylish designs and especially the price. Even though this TV doesn’t boast high figures in specifications, everything is set to normal levels to provide the best for the least rates.

This 43-inch 4K or Ultra HD LED Smart TV has 60Hz refresh rate to assure crystal clarity for the picture. You can also enjoy built-in Wi-Fi with a good range of apps to enjoy your favourites on the big screen. The screen mirroring technology helps you connect mobiles and tablets easily to the TV. The sound is distributed through high-quality speakers installed in a stylish way. The TV comes with one-year warranty and no one has to walk back just for the reason of budget. Everything is provided at its best for the rate that doesn’t exceed Rupees 40,000.

Vu brings stylish smart TV at surprising rates.

  • Sony Bravia KLV-40W562D

The name is enough to say all. When the brand is ‘Sony’ for smart TV, then there is nothing to check except the rates. The rates are not too high and look decent when compared with the features of the TV. This is a decent mid-range TV designed and delivered to the market to meet the expectations of middle families to own a Sony smart TV. The best in sound and picture is assured to enjoy the real difference watching smart TV. If you a strong fan of Sony looking for a budgeted TV, then this is the product to select from.

This 40-inch Full HD LED smart TV comes with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels to give the best in the viewing experience. The device is featured with Dolby Plus for picture quality and Dolby Digital for sound clarity. Sound quality is just remarkable. Feel the theatrical effect in your home. The TV has inbuilt apps and supports Facebook and Social media integration to assure unlimited fun. Enjoy the real life in live sports and 4K games with this excellent device from the house of Sony.

Sony smart TV is simply superb.

  • Micromax Canvas Full HD LED Smart TV 101cm (40 inch)

The best smart TV for bargain hunters. Yes, this is the brand that rules the market and shook the mind of everyone with the dream of a smart TV with its rates. The company takes every possible effort to assure the best in features for the given price tag. This is the favourite smart TV of the people who start their search with the low budget. The features are not at all limited and have most of them when compared with the other leading brands. If you love to save a good amount of money in smart TV purchase, then it is really difficult to find another device than this one.

The 40-inch Full HD screen with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 is supported with the refresh rate of 170 Hz which is more than enough to give the real life for the pictures. 16W audio output decently handles its job of delivering the sound in its purest form. The TV supports USB to watch the favourites on your mobiles in the TV screens. There is no need to worry about the life of the device since the company offers 3 years of warranty.

Micromax brings the best smart TV for the lowest price.

These are some of the best brands in smart TVs to select from the Indian market. You can make use of a best online store like Killerfeatures to make an effective comparison of leading brands to select the best smart tv that perfectly meets your requirements.

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