Why should You Pay More Attention to the PWA?

The PWA methodology is enriching not only for the user, but also for the company that adopts it. This is for the reason that it relies on widely used tools such as JavaScript, which ensures its ease in being adapted to other platforms and browsers.

Since 2015, Google has been showing great interest in the methodology, and has recently been making it available to users via the Play Store. In addition, some well-known companies have already started using PWAs and have received positive returns.

Pinterest, for example, launched a PWA in 2018, improving user engagement with the site. According to business metrics, the on-call time increased by 40% compared to the use of the App, and improved ad revenue by 44% and the main contracts by 60%.

In addition to this, PWA can be a strong ally in digital inclusion and content democratization, since its optimization and lesser use of data ensures that places where the Internet is of poor quality have the ability to access solutions that use the methodology. That’s why; every business is looking for the source to get developed PWA solution. Click here to know about a PWA developer company.

The PWAs’ Progressive and Responsive feature means that any user has access to the content made available in the solution, regardless of which browser it is on, and still fits with any mobile device without the need for a design strategy.

This can be seen as one of the most important consequences of PWA, since most of the world still has poor internet quality and does not have access to high-end devices. Therefore, the low use of mobile data and the non-use of a large memory space are essential characteristics for valuing and democratizing the user experience.

So that you can visualize even better and in a more objective way, check below the advantages of using this methodology.


  • The time and complexity of developing a PWA is much smaller compared to an App. This is because it is developed in native Web technologies, which makes it even easier to find qualified professionals at the expense of native mobile development.
  • The technologies used facilitate the user’s access; consequently there is an increase in the use of your application, since there is no need to be installed.
  • It focuses on performance and optimization, allowing people in low-quality connection areas to access the solution.
  • PWA works with Cash Local, so people can access the main tools of the application, even when offline.

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