Why Cannot I Get Into Skype – Answers And Solutions

Skype is one of the programs currently available for making calls, video calls and sending instant messaging. In addition, it can be used to call landlines. It has many advantages and, therefore, is one of the most used. It allows several types of calls, that is, we can not only make a normal call, but we can also make group video calls, for example.

To use it we only have to download the program and install it, register by creating a user account and log in to it. However, sometimes, we may encounter some problems to use it.

Why cannot I enter Skype?

There are several reasons that can cause difficulties in accessing Skype. Some of the most common are those that we list below:

  • There is no Internet connection. One of the main causes, as unlikely as it may seem, is as basic as not having an Internet connection and not having checked it before starting to use the program.
  • We are using a wrong user account. Sometimes, if it’s been a long time since we last used Skype and we have several accounts for different services, it happens that we do not remember which one we used on Skype.
  • It is possible that, even if the user account is correct, we are entering the wrong password.
  • Sometimes, the problem starts with our team. Maybe the equipment is outdated and does not meet the minimum requirements to run the program.
  • Sometimes it is the antivirus. Our antivirus program may be blocking us from accessing the program, or preventing it from running.
  • It may be as simple as that the program is experiencing problems of some kind, something that can be checked in the blog “heartbeat” of Skype.
  • It is possible that there is a new version of the program and you need to update the one you have installed.

If you have experienced difficulties accessing Skype for another reason, we encourage you to share the cause and how you solved it in the comments with other readers.

What to do if I cannot get into Skype

There are a series of basic steps that the Skype community recommends if we cannot access the program.  What are these steps to follow if you cannot enter Skype?

  • Check our Internet connection, since it is one of the main causes, as we pointed out.
  • If you cannot find out if you are using the correct account and password, go to the Skype website, on your “Problems to log in?” Page. In this page they will indicate what steps you should follow to recover your access data.
  • Check the Skype version you are using and check if there is a new version. In case you do not have the latest version, download it and install it.
  • If you have the latest version, check that your computer meets the requirements that Skype needs to work correctly. These requirements are described in the frequently asked questions on the Skype website.
  • Disable the antivirus. With this, you will check if it is said program that is causing the conflict. If so, it will be a matter of reviewing the configuration of the same to allow the use of Skype. To deactivate it temporarily we have to follow a similar process in most antivirus. In the notification bar of the computer (where the time and some more icons appear) that is usually in the lower right part of the screen, we must locate the antivirus icon. With the right mouse button (the right button) we click on the icon and a menu will appear in which we must select the appropriate option in each case. In some antivirus, this menu already shows some option to disable it (then we will activate it in the same site). Nevertheless,

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