Ways To Protect Yourself From Laptop Radiation

Are you aware that keeping a laptop on your lap is detrimental to your health? Most people love to cross their legs on a sofa because of its level of comfort and ease of use, while they place their laptops directly on their legs. Laptop radiation can cause severe damage to your health.  Most Laptop users are quite indifferent about electromagnetic radiations despite being aware of the adverse health effects it comes with. This article takes a look at necessary precautionary steps that could be taken to minimize the risks of health damage caused by the effect of these radiations.

 Adverse Effects of EMFs On The Body

The radiation emitted from electronic gadgets pose a serious threat to human health in several ways such as destroying your blood cells, mutilating your DNA, causing cancer, insomnia, brain tumors, infertility especially among men, and can damage eyesight.

Protect Yourself From Laptop Radiation

 Smart Ways to Counteract Laptop Radiation

  • Always place your laptop on a table, taking it farther away from your laps. Body contact should be avoided to minimize the effect of radiation.
  • Always put your smart phones or tablets inside a bag or purse. It is not ideal to keep these gadgets in the pocket as it exposes the body to EMF radiation.
  • Laptop users should get laptop anti-radiation and cooling pads, desks and shields. This helps in reducing radiation effect.
  • Try as much as possible avoid operating your laptop while plugged in. Laptop that operates on battery releases lower radiation than when it is plugged.
  • Endeavor to clean the air intakes grills of your laptop to enhance smooth air flow which will help in lowering the temperature of the laptop and heat radiation emissions.
  • Internet cables are safer to use when browsing compared to wireless internet connection or Wi-Fi. Wireless connections increases radiation level
  • Activate flight mode on your laptop when not in use. This will help in cutting off all forms of radiation, as the device will be completely blocked from emission.
  • Spending lesser time on your cell phone, tablet and laptop will reduce your chances of exposure to radiation.
  • Sending text messages are also safer than making calls
  • Turn off your laptop when not in use and also switching off your Wi-Fi ensures the head and EMF radiation is eliminated.

The advent of laptops has being a major breakthrough in the technology market. It has eased operation and productivity, offers numerous benefits to a user and can multitask. Laptop is used in varied settings including at home and at work for both personal and official use. Despite its many uses and benefits, laptops also pose serious threats to health. Though radioactive emissions is not new to most users of these gadgets but yet a vast majority exhibit a nonchalant attitude towards taking the necessary steps in protecting themselves from the hazards that this electromagnetic radiation can cause. Endeavor to get good EMF shield, which will help in minimizing exposure to radiation and also help in reducing the chances of being affected by the damage that these radiations can cause to the body.

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