Tips to cheat in exams

This article is a best dedication for the people who want to pass their exam without putting forth more effort. That is with the help of the tips mentioned in this article one can easily cheat and can pass their exams without studying. In case, if they feel their exams to be more complicated, they can make use of the following tips without any constraint. Some of the best hi-tech methods like bluetooth spy microphone which can be used for cheating in exams are revealed here. Since the risk level involved in the following discussion will be extremely low, they can be effectively used in exams.

SMS method

Even though everyone likes to do SMS, it will be quite complicated to use during exams. In order to make use of this method, one must have a proper assistance or friend to help them. The people who are in the exam hall can SMS the questions to their friend who is already kept ready to help them with the answers. Once after reading the questions, their friend will refer the book or any other sources and will send the answers through return SMS. Basically this kind of communication will consume time when compared to that of other hi-tech devices in the market.

Paper notes

This is a traditional method which is preferred in order to cheat in exams right from the initial days. But it is to be noted that the people who want to make use of this option must be ready to spend more time for preparing the tiny paper notes. In order to reduce this effort, they can also make use of the printers through which they can take tiny printouts for the exam. This printout or the hand written tiny papers can be hidden inside sleeves and can be carried to the exam center.

Wireless earpiece method

The best tips for cheating in exam can be considered to be the wireless earpiece method. This is a hi-tech method through which one can cheat in their exams without getting caught. The wireless earpiece will be very small in size that they cannot be noted easily. These wireless earpieces also come in nude color and hence they will remain invisible while using. There are different types of spy sets which can be featured with this wireless earpiece. The users can prefer to choose the earpiece according to their convenience.

Google searching

This method can be handled only by the people who are away from direct visibility of the teacher. In order to search the answers through Google, the users will be in need of a mobile device with internet connection. It is to be noted that they must have fast internet connection, in order to retrieve the answers quickly without wasting time over searching. The most unfortunate thing is the users must take the mobile device inside the exam center without getting noticed. This will be little risky than other cheating methods.

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