Tips for Boosting Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2018

It’s 2018, so your 2017 digital marketing plan will not be as effective. This year has already seen significant changes to highly utilized marketing channels, social media in particular. Therefore, marketers should keep up with the changing trends and update existing digital marketing strategies as required. Considering what’s new for this year, here are several essential tips for improving your company’s digital marketing plan for the future:

Promote Only the Best-Quality Marketing Material

Facebook announced early in January that the company is making one significant change to the Newsfeed. Instead of showing users posts from friends, businesses, brands, and various media outlets, the social network would prioritise personal posts. This change comes after the company said it has received customer complaints about marketing material bombarding the Newsfeed. This is a major shift for Facebook, and the change will very much affect small businesses that rely on Facebook posts for promotions. But there are ways to get around this issue. Mainly, companies should invest in designing high-quality posts. To do this, contact a reputable content strategy agency that is capable of churning out high-end material. This should be a priority for a brand that relies on Facebook marketing a lot.

Invest More in Video

The rise of video is bringing dramatic changes to the digital marketing landscape in 2018. Video once used to be a plus in marketing plans. Not anymore. Video is now essential for brands that want to remain competitive. As consumers are using handheld devices more to access the net, they are also consuming more video material on average. Therefore, even the smaller businesses should make investments in making video material. Creating videos is not expensive any more thanks to various software programs. For sophisticated end products, use a reputable marketing firm.

Make Everything Speedier

Consumers were long proven to be impatient when it comes to loading websites and videos. That fact has not changed in 2018 either. What has changed are the search engine algorithms. Google, for example, prioritizes sites that load fast, especially in mobile search results. Therefore, if your website takes forever to load, expect to be penalised among mobile search results. Do make investments in making websites and everything else as speedy as possible to retain consumers and maintain high ranking search results, visit WME Group,  they can help you.

Include Influencers in Your Marketing Plan

Unlike the older generations, the younger consumers are not swayed easily by traditional forms of marketing material. They see a print ad, they move on. What does convince younger buyers to convert is a phenomenon called influencers. Influencers are celebrity endorsers in blunt terms. However, not all influencers are celebrities. Any social media users with significant numbers of followers can become an influencer for your brand. Therefore, research and learn how to use influencers in your marketing plan to appeal to younger buyers.

Update SEO Tactics for Voice Search

Search engine optimisation is no longer limited just to text search queries.  A significant number of users now perform online searches using voice-controlled programs like Siri and Amazon’s Echo device. As more and more people buy smart home gadgets controlled by spoken commands, voice search becomes more prominent. Therefore, companies should invest in SEO not just for online searches but for voice searches as well.

Is your company already using any of the above suggestions? Don’t lag behind in your marketing plan and future-proof it using the above tips.

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