Six Ways to Create a Good Online Shopping Experience for Customers

Whether you’ve designed crafts to sell on a personal website or have a brick and mortar business and are considering selling products online, you need a good eCommerce website. The website will be the centre of your company’s presence, which may be the only impression people have of it. Here are some of the elements an eCommerce site should have to provide a good, safe shopping experience for customers.

Search Function

If customers cannot immediately find the products they want, there should be a search function that they can use. It should provide filters so they can find exactly the type of products they want, especially if you sell hundreds of products. Surveys show that nearly 30% of online shoppers use the search feature on eCommerce websites to find the products that they wish to buy.

Responsive Design

Studies show over half of online shoppers are making purchases on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs so your website needs to be accessible to these devices. A site designed on Magento in Melbourne should be legible on any size screen so potential customers can find and buy products from the site wherever they are and on whatever device they are using. If your site isn’t responsive, you will lose business to competitors whose sites are.

Be Transparent

Do not hide information about the products that your customers want to buy, including any additional fees that they will be charged. No one likes surprises which cost him or her more money so it is important that they can see exactly how much they will owe when they buy something on your site. In addition, make it easy to find the returns information, especially if your site doesn’t accept returns on certain merchandise such as clearance items.

Back up Products

Stand behind what you sell, especially if you or your company has made or manufactured the products. You can stand behind your products by offering a money-back guarantee so if something breaks, a product comes apart, or the user just doesn’t like it, customers can return the item and get their money back. By providing guarantees, buyers will feel more confident in purchasing your products.

Protect Customer Data

Ensure that the personal and financial data of your customers will be protected by using SSL to encrypt information. Companies and customers all over the world lose billions of pounds each year when business systems are hacked and personal and financial data is compromised. Customers want their purchases online to be secure so make sure that the security logo is easy to see to put customers’ minds at ease when they are on your site.

Provide Guest Checkout

Not everyone who makes a purchase on the site will want to have an account. Allow guests to make purchases and then offer them the chance to open an account after they’ve entered all their information. Most people want to make a purchase quickly and allowing guests to buy from your site allows for this.

The web designer can also add other elements to provide your business with a great eCommerce website.

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