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ISO 27001 Saves the Day in Maintaining Great Business Reputation


With cyber attacks constantly on the rise, it will behoove any business to ensure it complies with an Information Security Management System (ISMS) international standard called ISO 27001. With information being an asset, it must be protected from security threats. The objectives of ISO 27001 include the alignment to the security standard and the establishment of IT operations’ discipline by offering a benchmark for implementing, establishing, reviewing, monitoring, improving, and maintaining an ISMS.

Planning for ISO 27001

To prepare for ISO, you must learn the best practices for system access control, business continuity planning, system acquisition, system maintenance, system development, environment security, physical security, incident management of information security, compliance, security organization, personnel security, operations management, communication management, security organizations, security policies, asset control, and asset classification. The nature and size of the business must be taken into consideration when it comes to all the certification and compliance initiatives, as well as the senior management’s commitment and the status of the process in ISO 27001 implementation. Input from the internal audit is important for the implementation strategy development and for later certification stages requiring management’s review.

Also, the IT department must dedicate time and resources to take care of ISO 27001 initiatives by performing an inventory of the maturity of existing IT controls, processes, and existing compliance policies, procedures, and initiatives.

In addition to the steps above, businesses must also go through four phases to achieve the standard of ISO 27001, and they are as follows:

Identifying Business Objectives

  • Identifying Business Objectives- in doing this, objectives must be prioritized, and stakeholders must buy-in. The primary objectives could include increasing marketing potential, assuring the business partners the information status, assuring partners and customers about the commitment of the business when it comes to privacy, information, and data protection, identifying effective risk assessments and information assets, preserving the business reputation and being among industry leaders, and complying with the regulations of the industry.

Obtaining the Support of Management

  • Obtaining the Support of Management- management must be committed to the establishment, implementation, planning, monitoring, improving, review, and operation of the ISMS. They must be committed to perform activities, such as ensuring proper training for employees and to have proper resources available for working on the ISMS.

Choosing the Appropriate Scope of Implementation

  • Choosing the Appropriate Scope of Implementation- in order for certification to happen, only the business units, processes, and external contractors or vendors must be specified. Companies must also list any scope excluded and the reasons behind it. Identifying the implementation scope will save the business money and time.

Defining a Risk Assessment Method

  • Defining a Risk Assessment Method- things to consider when defining the method include the methods used to identify information assets, the intolerable risks needing mitigation, and managing residual risks through thoroughly considered procedures, policies, and controls.

Implementing ISO 27001

When it comes to implementing the ISO 27001, other departments in addition to the IT department play an important role regarding implementation. Various factors decide how and when the implementation may be influenced, including business priorities and objectives, existing IT maturity levels, user awareness and acceptability, internal audit capability, customer requirements, contractual obligations, customer requirements, adhering to internal procedures, the business ability to adapting to change, existing training programs, implementation phases, and existing legal requirements and existing compliance efforts.

Before implementing, businesses must determine the project length and costs which are further influenced by the detailed implementation phases understanding. In tough economic times, any cost is painful. When it comes to the cloud computing environment of today, organizations must look at the certification of the ISO 27001 if they desire to lower costs without compromising data security.

Implementation costs are determined by how much risk is accepted in the organization and by the risk perception. When implementing the project type, four costs must be taken into consideration: Internal resources, certification-only, external resources, and implementation. When it comes to internal resources, a broad business function range is covered, including security, facilities, IT, human resources (HR), and management. With certification-only, the fees are not more expensive than other standards.

Also, a lot of cost and time will be saved by experienced consultants when it comes to external resources. These resources are beneficial for internal audits which will ensure that the certification will be obtained smoothly. Also, the costs associated with implementation depend mostly on the organization’s IT health. If a gap appears as a result of an audit or risk assessment, implementation costs will most likely rise based on the implemented solution. Implementation of this scope will take around four to nine months, depending mainly on the conduct standard, the management support, the quality of the support, the IT’s maturity/health in the business, and the documentation.


ISO 27001 must be adhered to ensure your business remains in-tact no matter what. And even though there are documents you can turn to for the ISO 27001 assessment tools, it still will behoove you to hire a qualified team of ISO 27001 consultants to ensure you are meet every required aspect of your business. They will assist your business in every step to achieve the standard of ISO 27001. They will deliver, organize, and review your case thoroughly by providing a fully independent audit and certification.

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