Nintendo to Launch 3DS Gadget News

Nintendo fans are anxiously anticipating the Sunday release of the portable 3D Nintendo gaming system called the Nintendo 3DS.

The Nintendo 3DS features a dual screened system like that of the previous generation DS console, only this version (as the name suggests) allows users to play in real 3D without the use of 3D glasses.

Nintendo to Launch 3DS Gadget News (3)

The Nintendo 3DS is already available in Japan, where it debuted just a month ago–it made its way to European countries on Friday (3/25/2011), making the United States the last on the distribution list.

Stores nationwide will open at 12AM EST tonight to unveil the highly anticipated Nintendo console, which is great news for technophiles who wait outside stores to get theirs first and will have all day to play with their new devices. The Nintendo DS3 retails for $250 and many stores are offering discounts for users who bring in their early generation DS systems for trade(with all the original parts included). Consumers can trade in all versions of the DS unit including the DS, DSi, DS Lite and DSXL. The trade-in price you will get for your console will vary at different stores and in different states.

Some notable issues with the new Nintendo DS3 include a short battery life of 3 to 5 hours (very short, especially for a device that is built for mobility) and unreliable 3D features that only allow for 10 degrees of movement (move your head too far one way or the other and the image becomes fuzzy).

On the other hand, some new and exciting features for Nintendo lovers include the ability to connect to wireless hotspots to download system updates, as well as the ability to transfer data between DS3 consoles wirelessly.

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