Making Video is Much Easier Now With the Video Maker Now

Along with such professional tools for working with video, like Adobe Premiere or After Effects, there are alternative, designed for the mass user. One of the most popular – Movavi Video Suite – allows you to mount video clips, create slideshows and convert video files, record video from the screen and much more.

Wholesale cheaper

Let’s start with the fact that Movavi Video Suite is not a single program, but a whole package of nine tools: Movavi Video Editor Plus, Movavi Video Converter, Movavi Screen Recorder, etc. And all this will cost for a personal license for 1 PC (it is worth saying that buying programs separately will cost more).

Making The Videos

The basis of Movavi Video Suite: here you can perform editing, improve quality, add captions, music, funny stickers, art filters and animated transitions.

In the current version of the video editor, there appeared a separation into two operating modes: simple and advanced. In the first you create a video in stages, using the prompts of the program: first add files for the video, then superimpose the sound of music, agree all this with each other and set the duration.

The final track can be saved to disk, downloaded to the network, or continued with it in advanced mode: it looks like Adobe Premiere for me, but it’s easier in the Movavi video editor. There is a zone for importing videos and music, the usual Timeline installation table and a window in which you can see the result of your work at any stage.

Special thanks to the developers for the stickers – stickers with images that can be used as an object in the video, and superimposed on the existing video series (just what I often lack in professional programs for video editing). By the way, you can download the video on YouTube directly from the program, previously authorized with your account.

Of course, Movavi Video Suite is not a tool for a professional filmmaker, but it’s easy and fast to create family videos, YouTube videos and even commercials in the reportage genre with it. As a video maker it is perfect now.

Useful little things

In addition to the listed programs, which can be purchased separately, Movavi Video Suite includes unique tools available only in this package. For example, a utility for cutting video fragments. Of course, you can do the same with any application for video editing, but it is designed exclusively for cropping and with it, the process will be as convenient and fast as possible. Well, cut out fragments can be saved separately or combined into a single file.

Movavi Video Suite is a completely self-contained set of programs for working with video, which can become the main working tool for video bloggers and videographers. Beginners will appreciate the simplicity of the interface and ease of development.

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