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Lead Generation: What It Is and Why You Should Not Miss Your Marketing Strategy

Never again without Lead Generation. Nowadays, almost everyone, small and large companies, entrepreneurs and freelancers, have understood the importance of an online presence. Having a website, being present on multiple communication channels such as social media and blogs, positioning yourself on search engines is now an indispensable factor to be found by customers.

But having a company website is not enough to be successful online…

One of a company’s major needs is to find new customers. By now it has become increasingly difficult to attract the attention of a user who navigates among the many opportunities and information that the web offers.

The illusion of the web as “Toyland” where everyone can earn with an online presence is long over. Who doesn’t have a website today? But above all: what do you really need to succeed online?

The main objective of a company is to transform that user into a real contact and convert it into a potential customer.

The solution: Lead Generation

The Lead Generation is a set of marketing actions to acquire and generate a list of customer contacts really interested in the activities undertaken by a company.

I repeat: really interested contacts. This means that it is not a strategy to increase generic traffic to your website.

Through this business model, the users themselves express their interest in the products and services offered and try to get in touch with the company, leaving their data to be contacted or to obtain specific benefits and communications in return.

To generate new contacts, multiple marketing strategies can be used, necessary to attract the user’s attention and generate Leads, ie the request for contact by the user who completes an online form.

Why is Lead Generation important as a Marketing Tool?

Targeted contacts with a high probability of conversion. Lead Generation offers a company just this: non-users, but possible customers who, most likely, will proceed to purchase the products or services of the company itself.

Using Lead Generation marketing actions is a winning strategy for both the consumer and the company: the consumer requests and obtains the information he wants, the company communicates directly with its target audience.

However, the ultimate goal of lead generation should not be understood as immediate sales: the purchase process has changed, users are used to receiving communications and are overwhelmed by promotions and sales requests. Marketing strategies must adapt to the change taking place, aiming, in addition to obtaining contacts, to build ongoing relationships with potential customers.

Creating a solid Lead Generation strategy is important to build a relationship of trust with users, capture their interest before contacting them for sale.

How to apply it?

First you need to identify and reach the ideal target of a company. Once you get a list of contacts targeted, through the use of promotional campaigns, Opt-in Page and a form for filling in contacts, you will need to take care of and build a relationship with your customers. This phase is defined with the term nurturing of the collected contacts, an integral part of a successful marketing strategy. Find out what Lead Nurturing is and how to apply it to your Web Marketing strategy.

This is a very important activity because it helps the company to communicate consistently and consistently with users throughout the period from the first contact obtained to the time of sale.

For this reason, the acquisition of a Lead is often associated with the principle of a funnel: over time, the company will try to accompany a potential customer, using appropriate tools and messages, on their way to the purchase.

Here are some useful methods to generate successful Leads:

  • Production of qualified content
  • Using the Blog
  • Use of Social Media
  • Email Marketing and Direct Mail
  • Paid advertising
  • Events

These methods are used to generate Leads in an indirect way. They are used to bring traffic to your website or to a page you use to increase your subscribers.

But concretely why should a person register on your page and leave their data? What is the tool that convinces him to register?

For this phase of the Lead Generation campaign the tool to be used is called Lead Magnet. The Lead Magnet serves to attract visitors to your website or page in Lead. Therefore, visitors leave their data in your form because they know they can benefit or they can find solutions to their problems.

What is the Lead Magnet?

Imagine a magnet that attracts something towards you, in our specific case the potential customers of your company. But how to do it? The secret, if we can define it this way, is to provide valuable content for free, or information or in-depth materials that bring a real benefit to the recipient.

Not a simple gift, but consider it as an investment for your business that contributes to conferring authority and simplifies the life of your potential customers. It’s not cheap, isn’t it?

The Lead Magnet can be:

  • A PDF guide (ebook)
  • Video guide
  • Free webinar
  • Recorded interviews
  • Mind Maps
  • Infographics
  • .

The type of ideal Lead Magnet you can choose based on your target, the business sector of your business and the possibilities your company has for the creation of an excellent Lead Magnet. The most important thing is to create something that is really useful and has value.

Don’t underestimate the quality of what you give for free. If one of your potential customers leaves you his email in exchange for a free resource and for him / her it is useless it will be very difficult for him to become your client.

If you see a Lead Generation campaign (done well) you’ll love it

The beauty of Lead Generation is that you save a lot of time and you are not with people who are useless for your business. Needless chasing contacts that will never buy your products or services simply because they don’t need them.

Time is money in the business: don’t waste it!

The communication of your company and the message you give is optimized for a specific target. And having optimized communication means having more Leads.

Lead Generation saves you a lot of time because in your process there is also an effective automation system. Practically, when you start by generating qualified traffic to your website, a system starts that “captures” the Leads, communicates with the subscribers and converts them into customers. All this is done automatically even when you are not in front of the PC or on vacation. If you have an e-commerce you will see sales notices in your e-mail box and if you offer services you will simply be sent an e-mail with the request for a quote.

It’s like a powerful machine that, once turned on, goes alone and produces for you. And it goes great.

The results of a Lead Generation strategy

The advantage of Lead Generation is to create a list of already profiled contacts, on which to continue to apply marketing strategies useful for transforming the user into a real customer. The probability of converting the contact into a sale is greater than the promotional strategies used to reach the greatest number of contacts without any or few segmentation criteria.

Doing it means reducing and concentrating the budget for the realization of strategic messages aimed at the target audience and measuring the results in terms of conversion rate, ie converting the user into an interested customer, and returning the investment, or converting the customer interest in sales.

Because lead generation works better than advertising

There is no match in the challenge between lead generation and advertising. And I am not referring to traditional advertising but also to online advertising which provides greater possibilities for targeting and controlling results. Yet a campaign to generate leads is far more effective than one for promotion.

And the reason is that users want to know, to know. They don’t want you to sell them anything, but they prefer to be the ones to make informed and informed decisions about whether to buy or not. And the lead generation is a path of knowledge and “purchase education” that passes through contents of values ​​(lead magnet) and actions to cultivate one’s target (lead nurturing).

Advertising offers immediate results, but in the medium / long term it certainly cannot guarantee the same performance as a lead generation campaign, unless you decide to invest a considerable amount of money…

A precious tip

Don’t give up if you don’t get immediate results. Probably the biggest marketing mistake many companies make is that of pulling the plug too soon. Continue actively with your campaign and stay focused on your market every day. Remember that buying is not a decision that a user necessarily takes in a short space of time. Indeed, it often happens even beyond a quarterly period of time.

The best investment for your business

You want to find out why I love Lead Generation because I am sure it will conquer you too. I guarantee you that it is the best investment for your business because it doesn’t just let you find some casual customer, but it allows you to build a list of qualified contacts (Lead) that you can then turn into potential customers first and then satisfied customers.

The final sale will only be the logical consequence of this process. An innovative process that leads to success.

Author Bio:

Angela Martin is a specialist in content marketing, she has a vast experience in writing different content on various topics. Currently she is associated with the leading Corporate Video Production Companies in Dubai. In a meantime she also manage her own blog and reading books.

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