Know The Top Benefits Of Using The Dedicated Servers

No matter what type of business you are having, whether it is small or large, you can use the wide range of options for hosting the website, mail server or the web application. One of the most common options to host the website is the shared hosting. In this case, the server gets shared with more than one computer or more than one website. But, there are various disadvantages of using the shared hosting. So, in these days, most of the companies are taking help of the dedicated web hosting.

The business that is looking for more power supply, fast access to the internet and greater security; it can take help of the dedicated servers with the help of the dedicated hosting, the client takes the hosting or the web server totally as the rent. The service provider also helps in the maintenance of the server. This eliminates the business upfront cost too. Here are some of the benefits of using the dedicated web hosting-

  1. Server resource is not shared

When you are using the dedicated server, the web hosting is only being used by the user. There is no third party who is interfering in the process. The entire web resource is maintained and used by the user. But, it is not present in the shared hosting where the resource is shared by 2-3 users. The user of the dedicated web host can use the personal CPU, RAM and the resource.

  1. Enhanced protection and security

When you are using the dedicated web hosting, you are getting better protection of the resource. Your web hosting is secured and protected. In this case, the dedicated web hosting also enhance the performance of the internet as well.

  1. Flexibility of the user

When you are using the dedicated servers, you have the flexibility in customizing the server as per your needs like the CPU, RAM, software and the disk space. On the other hand, in the case of the shared hosting, there is very limited use of the applications and the software. The dedicated server allows the user to customize the server environment as per the requirement. The user also gets freedom in choosing the software platform it requires. He has total control over the server.

  1. Have personalized IP address

When you are using the dedicated server, you are having a unique IP address. This is very important in the case of protection of the resource. When using the dedicated web hosting, you are having a personal IP address.

These are four important benefits of using the dedicated servers. Thus, if you want to use the web resource by own, you can use the dedicated web hosting. It also ensures that your server is protected and secured.

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