Injection Mold Design and it’s components

Every procedure in the Injection Molding Process is equally important. If anything goes wrong in any of the procedures, one will have to repeat it. Repeating the process will not just impact the production but will also impact the costing of the plastic products manufacturing. The companies of Injection Molding Process China handle every work smoothly and step by step. This is one of the reasons why they are excelling in the work of plastic injection molding. Among the different countries in the world which supplies the plastic parts using the injection molding process, China also comes among the top countries. You can check the websites of the companies in China which are into the injection molding design and process like They produce a large volume of plastic products which are of very high quality. It includes both large and small plastic products.

If we talk about the success of any Plastic Injection Molding Company, it somehow depends on two things. The first one is the selection of the plastic resin for manufacturing the plastic parts. The second one is the Injection Mold Design process. If the designing of the mold is done right, the percentage of getting a better plastic part increase. There are different components related to the Injection Mold Design Services which one should be aware of. We have described a few of the things related to Injection Mold Design below.


In the plastic injection molding process, it is important to avoid the undercuts. Always check if the design which you have made has any such features which are creating undercuts. If yes, then try to make the design without having the undercuts. Undercuts will tear up your product inside the tool, that is why it is important to have an injection mold design without undercut. There are some cases when one needs to have the undercuts and they can be handled by adding slides.


They are also known as Gussets and are basically for providing support to the parts. In case, if the part is very long and has become weak due to the wall thickness. The ribs are then added to give support to the part. One should always take care of the draft angle when designing the ribs. Use of ribs can also help in reducing the use of the plastic material in making the parts, which is good for saving the cost.

Gate and Gate Location

Gates are there so that the molten plastic can easily flow into the mold’s cavity. Gate is the opening made during the injection mold design. There are two types of gates that are used in the injection molding process. One is the Manually Trimmed Gates and the other one is the Automatically Trimmed Gates. The type of the gate, its design, and the location of the gate can affect the appearance and dimension of the part. That is why it is always recommended to place the gate properly. It should be located in a way that the sink and voids can be avoided. Also, the molten plastic should be able to flow properly with fewer obstructions.

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