How Mobile Jobs Are Changing the Workforce

Today’s work environment does not only involve brick and mortar, but online. The very nature of the now not-so-new digital economy makes it possible to work while in your bed on world changing and disrupting ideas and technologies with teams across multiple continents. The tools for making that possible are quite advanced. We have collaborative tools, cloud storage, unified communications systems that allow groups and teams to collaborative on multiple project in real time sharing knowledge, ideas and even tools. Some of the times, the skills you need are not available in your physical location. Today, that is almost not a problem anymore. Whole business alliances have been formed over Skype and other communications tools without physical meets. So businesses are cutting cost on commuting and travelling. Web development by its very nature works very well in this scenario. There are millions of web designers and developers all over the world to work with if you need a specialist work with.

First things

Comb through the internet for the kind of skill sets you need. Check out portfolios and references, customer testimonies and pricing. There are also platforms that hosts freelance web developers and designers among other professionals. Those have systems in place to make sure that both parties live up to the expectations of each other. That’s the simpler route but it comes as extra cost in the way of fees paid to the platform. Once you get the professional you are looking for and have chosen, time to set the system up to work together.

File Management

You can buy a cloud service or even sign up on Git, a version control system that is used to manage software and other files. That will help you in been ahead of what is happening to your work.

Payment schedule

Be sure to use an escrow service to make payments based on milestones and objectives attained. You may need to pay some fees to the escrow service provider but it will ensure that you are not paying for work that is not done


Skype is pretty much the environment used by most remote working people. It has video and whiteboard sharing which will allow you and the professional to share ideas. It’s useful to have a discussion every other day even if to say hello. Ideas spring to mind all the time and you will be tempted to stray from the original plans and discussions. That is something you should avoid like the plague because it will unnecessarily prolong your work and also make you a bad client.

Great websites come from clear cut goals delivered with great proficiency and creativity. Make sure you understand what you need and can explain it in simple terms. Listen to your designer or developer, they have been doing this for a long time and have some level of experience with other clients on other project which can be tapped into your work. Build a relationship of mutual understanding and respect. It will live beyond one project.

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