Hoverwatch makes Phone History monitoring easy

Hoverwatch is the software that saves the data regarding every one of the websites that the users of the Android-powered device pay a visit to. This Cell phone tracker app also records WhatsApp, calls, Viber, Facebook, SMS, and GPS site.

Many experts and users have rated this app as amongst the finest trackers of phone internet history.

In the section below we are going to discuss what you need to do to start using this app and the use of this app for seeing history on android and Monitoring browser history from android in the online account of yours.

How to start using this app

This involves three steps.

1st step

First, you register for a free online account. For this, you require an email and a fresh password.

2nd Step

Download and set up this app from an online account.

3rd Step

After the above steps have been completed, you can monitor all recorded information and recorded calls in the online account of yours.

Get yourself registered for phone history monitoring now.

Some key facts on how this app works

The title of the web pages that the user visited on the target appliance also gets saved for viewing ease. This info gets stored in “user panel” and is accessible online using any device having an Internet connection.

Saving of the browsing record in Hoverwatch software has been facilitated by default and thus there isn’t any need to modify any added settings for making the web history log function.

This is a history tracker that saves the catalogue of websites that had been visited not just when making use of default Android online browser but also those visited with Google Chrome.

There’s no requirement of obtaining the root on the target gadget for saving this information by the use of this Android smartphone tracker.

What is the usefulness of this feature?

Almost everyone is aware that the World Wide Web is teeming with websites that aren’t appropriate for kids and those who are in their teen years. The age constraints on several of such websites are ignored quite often. For all those who are keen on making certain that their kids are protected and not secure, this browsing history trait is just right for all of them.

Making use of this online history tracker you are going to be given the address of every single website that your kid had visited along with the precise time when they had visited the sites. There is also a possibility of the member of your staff getting distracted or viewing NSFW material while at work when you’re not around to keep a watch. Thus, having this app has become a prerequisite of the present times.

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