Face Recognition Systems: Smart Surveillance With Patent Controls

People always have the innate ability to recognize and distinguish between faces. This ability has come a long way, and computers only recently somehow learned the same thing. Long before, scientists have work on computers to recognize human faces. Since then, facial recognition systems have come far enough.

The use of facial recognition software today is getting viral. You can see them in most action and computer-themed movies. In any given episode, facial recognition door access system is a part of the surveillance. They use the technology to pull an image of some blacklisted individual through the database to find a match and identify the person. And in most endings, the bad guys were all caught and escorted or thrown in jail. The technology is pretty easy to process on TV’s but, it doesn’t always translate as well in the real world. So might as well go deeper about the face recognition system and how it works in real life.

Face Recognition Explained

The use of facial recognition is smart enough for security purposes and in any other areas. In fact, this technology gained a significant range of application, and it does not limit to law enforcement. Other enterprises and homeowners are into it for utmost security. Facial recognition technology is a smart way to improve surveillance, especially at home. There are applications with this technology capable of uniquely identifying a person.

To date, the latest advancement comes in a smart waste bin. Yes, you can equip your usual waste bins at home with face recognition system. You can then have them for verifying a person passing by or getting in your premise. The system actually works by analyzing patterns of a person’s facial contours. It will then compare the details to others and to recognize a particular face.

High-Technology Techniques

Facial recognition systems analyze different nodal points on a human face. And today, there are high-end techniques added to this smart technology for better comparison. Approaches like 3-D modeling were added to the existing techniques so a system can uniquely identify a person’s face. This helps to overcome issues on the accuracy of variables associated with measurements. Verifying a person’s focal points are even exact making data captured accurate enough, enhances the security systems.

Enhanced Security Systems

Face recognition software helps establish a virtual perimeter around almost all locations. This technology is as fast as it is accurate, and its validation process protects access to any areas. With the latest application on waste bins, you can add an extra layer of security beyond keys in your home. The system itself is scalable, fast, and accurate with excellent levels of security. It gives you both privacy and convenience, as facial recognition has a patent software design. It means that you have the only control in your perimeter to keep an eye on uninvited people.


Face recognition system comes with access control integration using artificial intelligence and machine learning. It allows you to monitor and sneak out what and who is going around your premise now that it can be added in waste bins.

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