Bixby – In What Ways Does This Samsung Smart AI Helps Its Users

This brand is all set with its new artificial intelligence agent “Bixby” that is going to be implemented on the digital devices from it. This feature can be seen in all models of this brand. It is important to know what this feature is and how it is beneficial to users.

About Bixby

Bixby is an AI (artificial intelligence system), that is designed to ease the interaction of the device with applications and other devices. It is mainly designed to prevent the complexity of fully featured devices. This AI is introduced in different forms such as Bixby Vision, Bixby Voice, Bixby Reminder, and Bixby Home. It helps in spreading out a set of earlier Samsung technologies “S Voice,” while looking omnipresent across the entire digital device.

How does this AI feature help a phone user?

Bixby has inbuilt abilities to control the television, air conditioning system and phones too. This brand-new service provides a method to interact with a complete range of technologies. This AI [It stands of Artificial intelligence] is presently not limited to smartphones. It can offer a multitude of benefits on other technological devices as well.

Bixby 2.0

This is the 2nd generation version of Bixby. Its introduction is considered to be a big leap for digital assistants. Many experts and users have regarded as a bold re-invention of the existing platform. In short, Bixby 2.0 is made be available on “all and any device.” You can find it beneficial on smartphones, television, speakers, washers, refrigerators, and other types of connected devices.

Samsung just teased artificial intelligence for Galaxy S9 UX.  In Galaxy S8, Note 8 and S8+, there is a “Bixby button” present on the left side of the phone. Bixby 2.0 feature enables developers to integrate voice assistant effectively into the products. You can select how a user will interact with their services. Seeing its potential, several companies will shortly announce smart speakers powered with Bixby feature in the couple of months ahead. Bixby 2.0 features improved natural language capabilities that result in complex processing and natural commands feature. Currently, this brand is ready to introduce its private beta program that is available only for select developers.

Working of Bixby

There is a methodology that drives this technology. Bixby is a comprehensive solution that is designed to perform a comprehensive range of interactions, instead of simply launching an application. Bixby can do almost everything that you can do using touch. Bixby can recognize the current state of the application and takes the correct actions on the basis of the requests. This helps you to mix touch as well as voice.

Bixby very well understands natural language. This implies that one does not require to use pre-specified phrases. But a user can provide incomplete information and Bixby can understand it well and carry out necessary action Natural language recognition is the prime element of modern Artificial Intelligence technologies.

The service listens to the voice of the user, interprets it and then returns the resulting course of action. The contextual awareness that this technology provides allows users to take necessary actions without any pain. It thus prevents the requirement of using accurate precise language that was needed on earlier versions of voice-control systems.


Due to several uses provided by this new feature, it has been used in designing different models of Samsung phone.  

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