A Comparison between Desktop and Laptop

Either you are a student or a businessman, you are a professional person or you have to make some calculations, in all the ways computer or laptop is your requirement. Along with the presence of Internet and due to an enhancement in futures, Desktops and laptops are necessary for the modern day of life. But sometimes when you want to select a new PC or laptop and you are getting confused about the reference then what to do? To cope up with this scenario some of the main and best possible comparison is given below, have a look at them:


When you are trying to look at both options in terms of money then you find the desktop computers as the best option. Because you can find out the best and expensive desktops too but the starting range of a desktop package is starting from $45o. Just in this amount you can find out a best and right piece for yourself.

While if you want to compare this along with the laptop then the story got slightly curved. Laptops are limited as compared to the desktops. And if you want the high speed and best usage of laptops then you need to pay high for it. Although looking at the laptops starting range you can find the figure of $1500. So, the pricing factor of laptops is higher as compared to desktops.


The processor is the core aspect of any machine. The desktops or laptops basically works on the processor and the speed of processor measures the flexibility of any laptop or the desktop. However, whenever it comes to the desktops so we find that the processor range in desktops is bit preferable. The reason which makes them the choice of people is their big size and this size definitely give the best performance.

 But while making a comparison with the laptops we find that laptops don’t have such latest processors as the desktops have. And the same range processor which is on the desktop would be normal in range but on a laptop, it would cost you so much.


Assembling is an important factor for both laptop and a desktop. However, in the case of the desktop, it takes some time to work on, depending on the things you need to attach along with your desktop. This all will take some time to do and put. But when we compare this with a laptop then here you find an easy assessment as this will not be a trouble for you. Just plug into the switch and turn it on, finding your laptop is ready for use. That is how you will find each and everything accessible here.


It’s not hundred percent certain that you will not find a problem while using the laptop or desktop. However, if you are using the dell OptiPlex 790 you need to install the Dell optiplex 755 drivers for windows 7. In that way, you can easily find out the solution. But in most of the laptops you need to visit their website for finding the solution of troubleshooting.

So, this is a short analysis which will give you a solution for finding the right choice.

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