5 Home Security Facts That Every Home Owner Must Know

Thousands of burglaries take place every year and the probability of your home being attacked by burglars is the same as any other place. Advancements in technology have paved different ways for the burglars to attack your home and the vulnerability of your home’s security is increasing day by day.

To avoid circumstances wherein homeowners regret not being aware of the subject, they should make an effort to secure their houses from burglars. Here are 5 home security facts that every homeowner should know to protect their family and assets:

  1. Home Burglaries Are Very Common

According to a survey, a home break-in or theft happens once in every 15 seconds in the United States. Though you don’t live in a high-crime area, your house is always at the risk of being robbed and in most of the cases, the property stolen is not recovered. It is good to have your own security management strategies to protect yourself. It is always better to prevent such a situation.

  1. Thieves Avoid Homes with a Security System

Security systems act as a strong deterrent when it comes to thefts. Most burglars target houses without a security system to avoid getting caught on the camera. Technology advancements have made it difficult for the robbers to enter your house. That is why burglars target homes that do not have a security or alarm system.

  1. Many Thefts Occur in Day-Light

Many people believe that most of the thefts occur at night. Contrary to the popular belief, statistics state that most of the thefts occur between 9 AM and 3 PM as people would be busy in their workplace and kids would be at the school. It is easy for the burglars to rob your house in daylight.

  1. Just a Video Surveillance System Is Not Enough

If you think that you are safe just by installing a CCTV camera at your home, you’re probably underestimating technology and skills of culprits. It’s true that the video surveillance system plays a crucial role in your security system, but it is not enough to secure your house fully. You need a layered security system to completely secure your house. Home security has different aspects. Keeping your home fire-proof and flood-proof also form a major concern.

  1. You Can Control Burglary Using Smart Security Systems

There are different ways in which a thief can enter your house and you never know what new technology he might use to break inside your house. Installing smart security systems like CCTV, door/window sensors, and automated lights can save you from burglars.

Home security is an important aspect for any homeowner. Before you buy a home security system, we suggest you to do a complete research and buy your security from a well-known company like Hikvision that is specialized in manufacturing security systems.

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