Why an Amazon Presence Matters as Much as an eCommerce Website

Amazon is a retail giant. Dominating not only the online shopping world, but being a competitor for brick and mortar retailers too, despite having just a single physical store. Since its foundation in 1994 as an online seller of books, it has grown and expanded, adding more product lines and becoming today’s purveyor of virtually anything you can imagine. This total coverage means that its traffic and audience is enormous and varied, without a single defined demographic.

A massive market

Almost half of all online product searches begin with a trip to Amazon.com, with a large number of users not going beyond its borders. This means that they people are finding what they want without ever entering a search engine and sending a query that matches your carefully researched and optimised keywords. Statistics like this mean that it is becoming increasingly important to develop multi-channel marketing strategies.

Putting the multi in multi-channel

Of course, Amazon isn’t the only major retail giant to consider. eBay is another first stop for a lot of shoppers. In addition to the new products on sale through retailers, it also has a lot of people selling secondhand goods, which adds another layer of complexity to the equation.

eCommerce Website

Developing an approach that takes advantage of these marketplaces can improve your sales and revenue. Being found on Amazon improves your brand’s credibility and after a successful purchase, a user may be more inclined to purchase directly from your eCommerce website in the future. The curated nature of Amazon and eBay stores means that your business will have a higher chance of being seen as trustworthy by their visitors. This in turn makes them more likely to make a purchase, which is the aim of all online stores.

The ups and downs

Setting up a store in an online marketplace is far simpler than creating an eCommerce site. You simply enter your details and products, and away you go. The downside of this simplicity is that your branding options on the site are limited. Amazon and eBay are more interested in promoting their own aesthetic, which means that your store will look much like theirs. This will provide the familiarity and peace-of-mind customers are looking for, but makes it hard for your business to stand out.

One part of a complete marketing approach

Digital marketing is about small pieces making a much larger whole. Using only Amazon or eBay, or your own site, won’t give you the coverage you need to succeed and grow. The same applies to eschewing SEO in favour of PPC, or neglecting your content and focusing on backlinks. It is a matter of orchestrating your campaign to hit the right notes with each and every instrument at your disposal.

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