What You Need To Know About The Best Smartphones In The Market Today?

As photography geeks, we are inclined to take pictures of interesting people and places in any climes and condition. We take tons of pictures from the best smarphone camera that we have and post the images on our Instagram and social media accounts. For the luckier ones, they may be armed with two or three phones, an Android for ease of typing, an iPhone with its awesome camera, and a spare phone like a Google Pixel – just in case an accident happens.

But for most of us, we are constrained to choose only the best smartphone camera that we can buy, given a specific budget. All we want is to take good pictures, clearly, quickly and without much hassle. If we are an avid professional photographer, we get one of those sleek mirror-less DSLR cameras with reflex and digital imaging sensors. As ordinary folks just with an eye for superb shots, we make do with our own phones. So long as they can deliver decent photography of interesting subjects in any situation, is fine with us.

Depending on your needs, you may choose to have the Google Pixel XL, the iPhone 7, and the more recent Moto Z. A comparison between the three models follow:

Autofocus Features

This feature is important as we want to take quick images of moving objects that are clear and in focus. The camera should take superb pictures in both daylight and dusk, whether moving or not.

Recommended: iPhone 7 Plus wins for beautifully defined shots even from a moving vehicle. A close second is the Moto Z with a batting average of two good pictures out of three shots. The Hasselblad attachments make up for this deficiency, as you can trigger the autofocus feature just like in an ordinary camera. The Google Pixel flopped when shots were taken of fast moving objects. The upside is, it takes faster pictures even in low lights as compared to its competitors.

Low Light Capabilities

In instances where we need to attend celebrations that are held at night – like bonfire gatherings, Halloween parties, and outdoor birthday celebrations or when lights are low – we often wonder which is the best cellphone camera..

Recommended: Google Pixel XL with its auto focus features that gives color balanced pictures even in low lights. The runner-up is the Moto Z that gives true to life pictures, followed by the iPhone 7 which produces sharp images even in low-light conditions.

Zooming Capabilities

Most wannabe photographers would not rely on a smartphone if they need a superb zoom. But technology has changed. All three models (Moto Z, iPhone 7, and the Google Pixel) have varying zooming capabilities.

Recommended: Moto Z is a clear winner as it is able to get crisp shots from far distances. The phone’s camera has an optical zoom that tightens every shot, features that you won’t find in other phone cameras. This marked difference is what makes it awesome The iPhone 7 comes in second with its 10x zoom capability, but it is no match to Moto Z since its zoom function is digital. The Google Pixel falls flat in this category with its limited 4x capabilities.

Taking Great Portraits

Taking portraits of loved ones – mom, dad, kids, babies, dogs, cats, friends – are the most common subjects in cellphone photography. We like to take beautiful pictures with our subjects in clear view.

Recommended: iPhone 7 has features that delivers depth of field. This is where your subject is in clear view, with the background softened for contrast. The resulting portrait is beautiful. In addition, the phone guides you if more light or distance is needed to get superb shots. The Moto Z comes in second with its two portrait modes – one for low light portraits and the other for backlighting. It still pales though in comparison with the iPhone 7. The Google Pixel has a fancy portrait mode with its auto correct features. It gives you nice portraits in a jiffy.

Macro Mode Features

These are photos that are so lifelike that they seem to pop out of the screen.

Recommended: It is almost a close tie with Moto Z winning by a hairline. All images are crisp, clean and visually interesting. Shooting a back side of a coin, the Moto Z came with the most interesting shot, with the iPhone coming a close second. The Google Pixel delivered just about right. Taken altogether, they all delivered superb shots!

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