Why Mobdro Is the Right Choice for Entertainment Lovers

Internet is a factory of video content but most of the good services are paid for example Netflix or Hulu. There are also some sites available providing free content including Music, some TV shows and some movies too. What if I told you that you can get a complete entertainment package in a single app. Mobdro app is responsible for collecting top video content from different sources on the internet and provide them under a single roof? The app comes with free and paid version, both of them works well for the purpose they are made below is a review which can help you decide whether to go premium or stick with free version.

Features of Mobdro Application

Ease of use/ user experience

First of all the app itself is available for android but installing it is a bit hassle, you can’t download and install it with your traditional way of downloading from Play store. Here You may as well need to enable unknown sources for Mobdro to install. The best way to download the app is going to Mobdro’s official website and download the apk file and then install it manually. Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your device using the app is quite easy. It provides an elegant interface with fairly simple navigation system. It also has a wonderful sharing option which can be used to share videos to your friends and family with few taps. It also have bookmarking feature which will let you keep track on what you are watching or want to watch in future.


It doesn’t have video content natively, it searches all over the internet for the best available videos from sources like YouTube and other good sites and collect them together in a single place which is quite handy at least for me. You can also watch movies, play some music and watch your favorite TV shows on go. Mobdro is also called online TV sometimes just because it provides popular TV channels like CNN, Discovery, Fox Sports, Cartoon Network and many more. Video quality is fine most of the time but some HD videos may suffer due to poor internet connectivity.


It has two versions one is freemium which is free to use but ads popup during the videos and app usage so it may annoy you a little. If you wanted to have an ad free experience you need to try premium version which costs almost 3 euros per year.


This isn’t the first app which has combined video content from different sources and probably not the last app either but when it comes to features and functionality it stands out from many other apps. Here One of the most interesting thing or feature is downloading, you can download every video and watch it offline anywhere anyplace you want. If you are looking for an app to watch TV shows and fill your spare time with some entertainment, you need to give this app a try some people also call it alternative for KODI but I’ll leave that to you and decide.

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