What Is Xamarin and How Does It Help Developers?

With rapid developments in technology, the humble phone can be used to do almost anything. With major brands such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, aspiring developers have access to a range of applications for their particular needs.

What is Xamarin?

This includes Xamarin, a software that is designed to create cross-platform mobile applications. These apps can be designed to retain native features and share the same codebase as well. Additionally, the apps that a developer can make using Xamarin provides almost the same level of performance as the platform’s native apps.

SciChart is used by app developers across the globe in over 40 countries. This includes those who work influential sectors such as the medical, defense, aerospace, banking, finance, automation and trading industries to name a few so you too can create WPF charts such as Xamarin charts and iOS charts with ease.

Xamarin is the name of the software company that launched this product under its own name. It came into existence back in 2011 and was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. More than 15,000 businesses rely on the tools this company churns out regularly and many of those businesses are influential in their markets.

Benefits of Xamarin for App Developers

The tools offered by Xamarin can be downloaded with Visual Studio and can be used to create apps for iOS, Windows and Android. The common code that is used is written in C# so there is no need to learn other languages such as Swift or Java. Beginners can benefit from this approach which is easier than conventional learning processes that do little to nothing to teach them app development. This platform on the other hand can be used to learn app development for multiple platforms.

The software is also based on a .NET framework which works with C#. Since C# is a complex language that prevents unpredictable behavior in codes and because it is one of the.NET framework languages, it is quite versatile. For instance, it can be used with several .NET features such as Asynk and Lambdas.

In other words, Xamarin uses native libraries and C# with the framework so that developers can create cross-platform apps without facing obstacles. These apps are often exalted for being user-friendly and high-performing by both iOS and Android users. That’s because Xamarin can be used to make use of underlying platform capabilities in apps such as ARKit and Android Multi-Window to name a few.

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